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Yuk It Up!

Laugh more.

In fact, make it a an absolute priority that for at least a few minutes each day you laugh until you almost cry.  This will be one of the most amazing and positive transformations you will ever make for yourself.

laughterThere’s no greater feeling than to cut loose in a fit of passionate and uncontrollable laughter.  When they say “laughter is the best medicine” they’re not kidding.  I like to call it the ultimate elixir for the soul.  It cures what needs curing…including the things you didn’t even know were wrong with you.  It makes the busy mind chill out and enjoy itself, while it relieves the stress of an over-worried body.  All the while, causing spontaneous happiness in yourself and anyone else who might be within ear shot.

Laughing is something you can choose to do any time you want.  Choose it often.

If you open your mind to the possibilities, you will find all kinds of reasons to laugh every single day.  In fact, laughing may be the ultimate reaction to that nagging issue or seemingly unsolvable challenge.  Sometimes the answers to these life-haulting issues become clear after you have drained yourself of all the negativity and allowed yourself to recharge.

Watch an old movie that you find hilarious, or think of a great joke you used to tell.  Remember something crazy that you or someone else you know did that always brings a smile to your face.  Go to a comedy club.  Or, if you really want some material to get you started…sit and “people watch”.

For the record, there are a couple of disclaimers that I need to make you aware of…

One, laughter is incredibly addictive.  You may get hooked on it the first time you try it.  It could take a more than a taste, but the vast majority of people I know who have decided to make laughter part of their life…can’t stop.

Secondly, it’s contagious.  Yes, that’s right…addictive and contagious.  What a combo!  It’s the ultimate gift that keeps giving!

So put it into practice, starting today.  No matter how, when, or where you do it, make the conscious decision to laugh.

Pretty soon you won’t be able to remember how you ever got by without it…

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