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You’re a 10…Right Now

Is it possible that you’re living your perfect life right now?

I know that might seem absurd to you if you happen to be struggling in any way.  In fact you might think I’m a little nuts for even asking that question.  But I want you to stay with me on this one and hear me out…

The reason that I’ve been thinking about this lately, is that I’m a huge believer in the fact that you can have anything you want in this life.  You can be who you want to be, and you can go where you want to go.  The universe is unlimited in potential and overflowing with abundance.  You and I can connect with that any time we are ready, willing and able.

So, it would stand to reason that if you could have anything you wanted in this life, and you could get started on that at any time, regardless of your current circumstances, how could your current circumstances be anything other than perfect?

Think of it this way…you’re knocking on the door all the time.  You’re perfectly capable of achieving your best life, whenever you’re ready to commit to doing that.  And the focus and faith and determination that you need doesn’t come from any outside source or circumstance.  It’s all there within you.  And it’s there whether you’re $50,000 in debt, without a job, have lost your home, or if you’re living large, taking family vacations at will, and blowing your nose with $100 bills.  It’s still right there within you.  Perfect.

This is why I ask the question.

And I truly believe the answer is yes.  You are living your perfect life, right now.  And so am I.

Now, I do think that we have to connect with that idea in a big way before we can move any further.  By connecting I mean zeroing in on the blessings and miracles that we have in our lives already, and being grateful for them.  They may be few; for instance, you may only be able to think of two things you’re thankful for.  (It’s likely that you have a whole bunch more, but let’s start low).  Even if this is the case, you have TWO amazing and wonderful things that you need to focus on and be thankful for.  And hey, it’s two more than you thought you had yesterday.

By focusing on the good, you will end up manifesting more good in your life.  You will literally begin creating more things to be thankful for when you live from that spirit of gratitude.

It doesn’t stop there.

You also need to tap into your inner resources and find the perfect love that exists within you.  When you can do that, you can fill yourself with love, and then start to spread that around to all whom you come into contact with.  The thing about spreading love is this:  it will begin to flow back to you in amounts unequal (in your favor) to what you are putting out!

Love is as contagious as anything on the planet.  And it tends to perpetuate itself and magnify itself, and before you know it, you are attracting all the right people into your life.  And I don’t just mean a partner or soulmate, husband or wife…I mean good friends who you can trust, and solid associates who you might form profitable business ideas with.  Just the right people in general!

Once you get into the mindset that your life is perfect and that perfect timing exists in the universe, then you can start manifesting even more amazing and wonderful things.

Right now, as you’re reading this, you may not live in the house that you ultimately want to live in; but I’m telling you, if you can look at where you are and appreciate it, be thankful for it, make it the best it can possibly be, and then begin to focus with absolute clarity on where it is you really want to live, you can start to move toward that place.  Or, I should say, it will actually start to move towards you.

I’d like to start posting some great stuff on tapping into your internal resources and hooking up with the wonderful laws of nature, and I’m going to do that in coming days.  Because I want you to be able to put this stuff to use in your life so you can start astonishing yourself and living the way you have dreamed of living.

For tonight though, just consider this…

Where you are right now is perfect.  You are in perfect position and poised to become the person that you know you are capable of becoming.  The timing has been perfect to this point, and will continue to be so.  It’s all exactly how it is supposed to be.

Start making your list of the miraculous things that exist in your life right now.  I’d love to have you comment and tell me about those things you are blessed with and completely grateful for.  It’s how the whole process gets started.

By the way, it’s no accident that you stumbled onto this post.  That was perfect, too…

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