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Your True Best Friend, Within

How much quality time do you spend with yourself each day?

Think about it before you answer.

I mean, look, you’re always there for you.  I just can’t help but wonder if you’re really take advantage of that.

Everywhere you go, you’re right there with yourself…everything you think about, you’re thinking about, it too.  You follow you around like a shadow, waiting to help, whenever you give you the chance.

Do you trust yourself?  Would you go to yourself for advice?  Do you love yourself?  Do you respect yourself?

Your life will become a lot more meaningful when you learn to listen to yourself and trust your own decisions.  I like to say, “trust your gut”.  Because I really believe that you have an innate sense of what is right and wrong for you, and deep down you know the direction you should move in, in almost every single situation.

You can only become  the greatest version of you possible, when you are in sync with true self.  And becoming the greatest version of you is exactly what you’re here to accomplish.  It’s your ultimate gift to the world around you.  And also the greatest gift you could ever give yourself.

You need to love yourself for who you are and what you are.  And love yourself for who you’re going to be!

Somewhere along the line it seems that many of us stop loving ourselves.  Part of the reason we do this is that we start to hear about what a bad thing it is to care about ourselves.  We are taught to equate self-love with selfishness and confidence in ourselves with being arrogant.

Then, in many cases, we start to let the negative energy from others or the hateful things some people say affect us in a deep and meaningful way.  We start to become disengaged with our inner guidance system, and start to see ourselves as falling short of what we wish to be.  We start to focus on the things we believe we can’t do, or the things we don’t have, instead of all of the wonderful talents we possess, and the amazing things we do have in our lives.

And, sometimes, even though our best friend and wisest companion is always there with us, we start to pay much more attention to what other people say about us.  When we want to know what to do with our lives, instead of getting still and getting quiet and seeking the answers, we throw ourselves out into the world and seek the advice of other people.  People who have never met us, never talked to us, never walked with us for even a few feet, who don’t know our interests, our passions, our dreams, the way we think, or the people we surround ourselves with.  We put our faith and trust in individuals with entirely different backgrounds and who wouldn’t recognize  us if we were standing right in front of them.

We do this, and end up leaving that one person hanging out to dry.  That one very special, intelligent, talented, caring, thoughtful, person who has been there with us and for us every step of the way.  The one person who always recognizes us, whether we’re on top of our game or failing miserably.  Whether we are in a great situation or a lousy one.  That one person who holds in their hearts all of our dreams and desires, and who wants so badly for us to become that awesome version of ourselves that we deserve to be.

How about it?  Are you neglecting that person?  Yourself?

How much quality time are you spending with you each day?

You’re the one person who can get you wherever you want to go in this life.  You can help you achieve whatever it is you wish to achieve.  You can take you as far as your own belief in yourself will take you.  You’re amazing, talented, awesome, loving, and instinctively right about all of those things most important to you.

Get to know yourself.  Start to love yourself.  Learn to trust yourself.

Indeed, you are your true best friend.

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3 Responses to “Your True Best Friend, Within”

  1. avatar Kama says:

    It is so true that the majority of us don’t take enough time to get to know ourselves. We treat ourselves in a manner that we would not allow others to treat us. “You” time is important each day. If we don’t take care of ourselves then we are of no benefit to others.

  2. Great advice Mike – thanks for the reminder! Tweeted!

  3. Geez, Mike! You want me to get bored or something???
    OK- great post!

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