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What if you’re living your perfect life right now?

It may not be the greatest version yet…but what if it is perfect, nonetheless?

I really believe that we’re always living our perfect life, in a very real sense.  We’re just living it in different stages, and have our own unique opportunities for growth.  And I think all of us have the potential to accomplish amazing and miraculous things.  We can be whatever we want to be and have whatever we want to have, as long as we believe this, and take the cues from around us to pursue our goals and desires in an inspired way.

Really, it boils down to this for me: I think that the key to living the best life possible is to stop fighting it.  We need to quit trying to convince ourselves that we should be somewhere else at this point in our lives, doing something else, or even being someone else, and we need to tune into where we are right now.

This is not about abandoning our dreams or goals, but rather it is about understanding that we are where we are right now for a perfectly wonderful reason.  Our past has prepared us for the present.  And the way we start acting and paying attention in the present will directly affect our future.

One of the challenges you probably face is the same one we have all faced at one time or another, and that is that we tend to daydream about the past…we often find ourselves wishing we could go back to a more comfortable or familiar time and live the life that was “simple” or “easy”.  Much like the way we talk about being kids again.  But, really, that’s all pretty silly.  That time was for a specific purpose and the lessons that were there for us, whether learned or not, have now passed.  New opportunity awaits us all in the present.

We also spend a lot of time thinking about the future.  The issue with that is, if we’re always only thinking about the future, we’re not doing anything.  The only time you can ever do anything is in the now.  So, really, if we just think about the future and the wonderful things we imagine we are going to accomplish, we’re sort of setting ourselves up to always be thinking about it, but never actually making any progress towards it.  Does that make sense?  I’m not sure if I said that right, but I hope you’re picking up what I’m throwing down…

I really believe that it is when we become content and stop struggling with ourselves that we will begin to find answers.  Doors will open, resources will be revealed, and the inspiration necessary to drive us toward even bigger and better things will manifest itself.

It’s really not about having total control and dictating every move that needs to be made.  It’s also not about imagining that we would be so much happier and so much better off if we were somewhere else on the journey.

I’m telling you…tune into what’s going on in your life RIGHT NOW.  This is where it’s all happening!  You can have the ultimate affect on your destiny if you will just wake up and become conscious of your life.  You can become the creative force in your own life if you’ll just stop sleep walking.  Stop complaining, envying others, and wishing you were something other than what you are.

It really is a wonderful life.  And it can definitely get even better.  There are no limits to your potential, other than those you have accepted as true.  You can become the greatest version of you that could ever have possible existed.  But first, you have to become present in the moment.  You need to develop a spirit of gratitude for the things and people that make up your current existence.  You need to love and respect yourself and you need to love and respect others.  And above all, you need to get caught up in the concept that you are exactly where you are suppose to be on your personal journey.

Sure, hypothetically, you could have made other choices.  But you didn’t.  You made the ones you did.  And so here you are.  If you’d like to eventually be somewhere else, then start right now making different choices.  You have that control.  And the only way you lose that control is if you check out of the present moment.  Then, you can get battered around like an old flag in the wind.  And honestly, how much fun does that sound like it would be?  If you answered, “not fun at all”, then at least you’re paying attention to the post.  And, you’re right!

Check in.  Get in tune with your perfect life.  Then get busy making it even more miraculous and wonderful.  The clues will all be there for you when you open your eyes and open your mind.  Really, they will.  In fact, they already are…you’ve just been missing them.  So, engage…


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