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Who Do You Think You Are, Anyway?

AchieveWhat is it that you really want to do?  I mean really want to do?  Who is it that you really want to be? What’s the goal…the ultimate achievement?  What is the one thing that you would like to accomplish if there was nothing holding you back?  Think about it.  (You can pause here if you like) Get it set in your mind.  (Really, do this, it will be fun, revealing, and quite possibly life changing)  Have you got it?  Okay, now what if I told you that I know exactly what it is that’s holding you back…and that by getting this one thing out of the way, you could do whatever it is you want to do…would you want to know about it?  What if I told you it was a person?  Are you still curious?  Okay, here it goes…the only person standing between you and absolutely anything  that you want to achieve in this life is…YOU.

That’s it.

The only limitations that exist in your life are the ones that YOU have accepted as truth.  It’s YOUR belief system is the foundation for all of the events and circumstances that play out in your reality.  In short, you are exactly who you think you are.  And, as such, you can do whatever it is you think you can do.  Plain and simple.

We all start to limit ourselves over time by observing and listening to others, and then we establish our own little comfort zone.  And, hey, operating within that zone is fine, it just won’t result in any of us ever achieving anything outstanding.  And by outstanding I mean that something that YOU consider worthy.  You know, the thing that you were focusing on when I started with all the questions.  Yes…THAT!

I happen to believe that you can do anything you want to do in life.  And I also believe that I can do anything I want to do in life.  So there, we’re even.  The one really important part of all of this is that you have to believe that you can.

Listen – If you think you are a winner, then you are.  If you think you are successful, then you are.  If you think you will achieve your goals, then you will.  And of course the opposite is true as well.  There is really nothing holding you back from being great except YOU.  If you think that there are things you cannot accomplish, then you are absolutely sabotaging yourself.

Your mind is an awesome and powerful tool.  It can be your greatest resource and asset, and it can also be the abyss where all of your dreams are lost and where they eventually die.  Negativity and doubt are monsters that can creep in and make your life really difficult.  The thing is, you don’t have to invite negativity and doubt to the party.  And their friends, fear and insecurity are not welcome either.  You don’t have to accept mediocrity or failure.  You can become a positive force for yourself and create your own perpetual success.  Or, dare I say, habitual victory!

So  how do you do this?  Well, here’s a great habit to start developing; begin to pay attention to the times when you hear yourself saying or thinking that you can’t do something.  And in those moments, pause and consider why it is that you believe you can’t do it.  You’re probably going to find that you don’t have a very compelling answer for yourself.  If that’s the case, then simply reverse your inner conversation.  Start saying or thinking “I can do that”.  Now look, if the thing you are thinking about is flapping your arms up and down until you can fly around your neighborhood, then I would say, you’re right, you can’t do that.  But, outside of the absurd, you are not limited by anything other than your own thoughts and beliefs.

When you start talking to yourself or thinking these positive thoughts, you begin to change your perspective from the inside.  And, truthfully, this is where success and achievement, and happiness, and every other fantastic thing comes from…the inside.  You can have, be, or do anything you want, but you’re the one who has to believe that.

Look around you and take notice of all of the people who have accomplished the things that you want to accomplish in life.  They are not any different or better than you are from a human stand point.  We all come from different places, and are all at different stages of the this journey we call life, but the people who end up accomplishing great and wonderful things are the people who simply knew that they could.

ThoughtsThere’s a really great verse in the Bible from the book of Proverbs that says, “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”.  It is an undeniable truth.  Start to change your thoughts and start to eliminate the restrictions that you have put on yourself.  And start today!

Think of yourself as the person that you want to be and start to feel the transformation.  Once you have decided that you are no longer limited, you will begin to see all kinds of opportunities that exist around you.  The really cool part of this is that once you’re open to the fact that you can do anything you want to do, you will begin to attract to yourself new ideas, people, books, and all kinds of resources that will lead you toward your ultimate goals.  Life will become be a great adventure, instead of just a way to pass your time.

Remember – you are exactly who you think you are.   What do you think about that?

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