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What’s Cooking With You?

Clarity of purpose may be the single most important part of your personal formula for success.

Without question, it is where you have to start if you are ever going to achieve extraordinary results.

You truly have to know what it is you are seeking, and where it is you are going before you can begin to apply any of the principles that will help you get there.

I’d like to share with you an excerpt from my last book in case you haven’t read it yet, and my desire is that it will give you a fresh perspective on why clarity and focus are so important.  Enjoy, and please feel free to leave your own comments below the post.

from Habitual Victory: The Truth About Achieving Success, Finding Happiness and Living the Life of Your Dreams:

There’s a reason why it’s so crucial to have total clarity of purpose, and also why the lack of clarity has caused so many dreams to die and so many people to ultimately accept defeat.

It’s probably best explained by making an interesting comparison between your mind and a microwave oven.

Your mind has an awesome purpose, and that is to create whatever you fill it with.  Your mind creates.  The great purpose of the microwave of course, is to cook stuff.

No matter what you put in a microwave, it will start to cook it.  It could be a bowl of beans or a pair of socks…it doesn’t matter.

Now consider that if you’re making popcorn in a microwave, and you’re absolutely sure about this, what do you do?  You put the package inside the oven and you hit the “popcorn” button.  The oven immediately goes to work, and in perfect time cooks those kernels in a perfect manner.

With regard to you and your mind…if you have total clarity of purpose and your vision is crystal clear, your ind is able to set in motion all of the necessary resources for you to begin to achieve the desired result.  Just like makin’ popcorn!

Now, if you were to put that same bag of popcorn in the microwave and push the “popcorn” button, then wait thirty seconds and press the “defrost” button, what do you think the microwave would do?  Well, if it could talk, it would probably say something like, “hey, make up your mind already!”  But since microwaves can’t talk, what it would actually do is it would stop doing the popcorn thing, and start working as a defroster.  If you then decided that you wanted to switch it to “full power”, it would again have to drop the previous course of events and now go into nuke mode.  The oven would be cooking the whole time, but nothing would really be getting accomplished.  It would be in a constant state of changing direction, establishing new time parameters, heat settings, etc.  When the timer did finally sound and the oven was done, assuming that you eventually stopped pressing buttons, whatever was there waiting for you behind the swinging door would likely be extremely messy.

Now think of your mind again.  It operates in much the same way.  It is a creative force.  It is going to create, no matter what you put in it.  If you are in a perpetual state of changing your mind about what it is you want, then the process can’t play out…it’s never finished, it’s always being re-started, and your life ends up resembling the mess from the microwave.

There can be no perfect result when the vision is blurred.

Take the time to consider what it is you are really seeking.  This may take a day, a week, a month, or longer.  It may not take that long, but if it does it will absolutely be worth your investment.  Think of it like this, if it takes you three months to determine what you really want, and because you took that time, you actually end up achieving it, isn’t that better than deciding in an hour and never achieving it?  Again, the purpose of this book is to make a difference for you, not create a bunch of unrealistic expectations.  I want you to get started living the life you dream of, instead of only dreaming about the life you will never live!

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