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Wake Up and Start Dreaming!

“All men dream but not equally.  Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible”

– T.E. Lawrence

Follow your heart.  Chase your dreams.  Believe in yourself.  Become exceptional.  Live an extraordinary and abundant life.

How about it?  How does it feel to think about doing all of the wonderful things you’ve ever dreamed about?  Wouldn’t you like to accomplish your greatest goals?  You can, you know.  And it all starts with a belief in your ability to make your heart’s desires come true.

Sure, it sounds like fairy tale stuff…but it’s definitely real and it can transform your life.

The real key to all of it is to keep a positive mindset and to know that you can literally accomplish anything.  This doesn’t mean that you start thinking you can accomplish whatever you want instantly, or that you can accomplish something you’ve never tried before without having to learn a few things or without practice, but it is having an unwavering belief in your ability to remain persistent and achieve.  All the time realizing that your greatest outcome can be realized if you pursue it with all of your energy and focus.

A lot of people become discouraged because they think that ultimate success, abundance or wealth has to be achieved instantly in order for it to be one of life’s miracles.  Movies like “The Secret” have created a bunch of folks who think they can sit around wishing for a new car to pop up in their driveway, and without any effort, other than relighting the incense candle, POOF! their new car will magically appear in the garage.  Quite frankly, that’s just a bunch of nonsense.  That’s not chasing your dreams and that’s not following your heart.  That really is living in the land of Tinker Bell and Peter Pan

You see, a huge part of achieving your ultimate life and reaping the benefits of self improvement lies in the journey itself.  This is why it is important that you pursue your dreams.  While you’re conscious and awake.

Think of it this way; if you’re goal is to become a millionaire, you need to get yourself on a path that will help you become that person that is worthy of a million dollars.  A guy or gal who sits cross-legged on the floor repeating positive affirmations for three hours a day isn’t really pursuing anything other than a world record for the most hours wasted trying to create a miracle from thin air and with no action.  Okay, I shouldn’t be quite that harsh…meditation and positive affirmations are a really big part of expanding yourself as a person, emotionally and spiritually and can definitely help you get into the right mindset in order to start achieving great things.  I am a huge believer in using positive thoughts, affirmations, and meditation each day to grow and to prepare yourself for your best life.  It just isn’t all there is to it.  You really have to do something!

And that’s the great distinction, in my opinion, between dreaming when you’re awake and dreaming while you snooze.  When awake, you have the chance to take action, based on the inspiration you are receiving.  Dreaming while you’re asleep is more like watching a movie, and however vivid it may be, it is not moving you even an inch closer to your goals unless you act on it.

So wake up I say, and start turning your real life into something that others merely dream about.

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