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Two Good Ideas

The advances in technology that we have experienced in the last ten years have been amazing.

If you are a member of the working world and part of your job entails dealing with others, then your professional life has surely been changed by e-mail.

When you think about it, sometimes it’s almost as much a curse as it is a blessing.  The ability to communicate so freely and easily with so many people is pretty amazing, and can certainly be advantageous in business.  But, when you think about all of those people being able to reach out to you at the same time, and all of them expected immediate responses and sometimes immediate results, it can become a bit overwhelming.

Here are a couple of proven ideas to help.

The first will allow you to deal with e-mail and voice messages, texting and sticky notes in a pretty efficient way, and it has yielded some great results for the people who I have had the pleasure of managing.  It sounds simple, but the results can be extraordinary, as they will allow you to recapture your hours and rekindle your creativity.

Set aside a specific time each day to go through and answer messages and e-mail

Example: Every morning at 9am, I read and answer e-mails.  Every afternoon at 4pm, I listen to and answer voice mails.

Organizing your time is one of the essential elements to achieving success in any business.  Understanding that your time is as valuable as your clients or customers is the first step to finding a system of organization that works for you.

When you set aside a specific time of day to read and respond to e-mail, it does a couple of really important things for you.  One, it allows you to focus on the present moment each day and work as smart as possible to accomplish your actual job.  Second, it trains others that they need to be respectful of your time and gives them some detail as to when they can reach out to you.

If you are not executing some type of organizational plan like this, then you are likely operating on many other people’s time tables and not your own.  This will make it nearly impossible to accomplish the things you need to in order to grow and achieve in your career.  You have to organize your time!

Prioritizing your time can work wonders for you as you strive to be more productive and find those “lost hours” each day, but it doesn’t necessarily make the challenge of answering multiple tasks and requests any easier.  So how do you begin to get a handle on that aspect of your gig?  Here’s how:

Become a finisher

Make the idea of finishing your tasks a solid reality.  When you start something, see it all the way through before you jump into the next consuming project.

Without question, one of the most debilitating habits you can develop as it relates to achieving your goals is to become a Super Starter.  By that I mean someone who can put many things in motion…but ends up finishing few or none of them.

A great way to start becoming a finisher is to employ the help of those around you.  Learn your co-worker’s strengths and weaknesses, understand what the people in other departments are responsible for and good at.  Then delegate some of your workload or at the very least, get some help!  There is a secret that it seems only a select few at every place of business understand and apply, and the secret is this; you really can’t do everything yourself.  If you try, you will lead to an extremely frustrating work life and you’ll probably end up quitting or changing jobs quite often.

Get help.

So there are two rock solid suggestions that can get you on the road to productivity and allow you to start responding to everyone’s needs in as efficient a manner as possible.  You’ll learn some great things about yourself and others, and you will fully understand the concept of leveraging the strengths of many to achieve some pretty amazing results.

Plus, you’ll have more time.  Like magic.

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