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Today, We Die!

How can we start to enjoy the fullness of life and experience the abundance that surrounds us?  How is it that we can really begin to live the way that we were created to live?

Well, by dying, of course.

Okay, not dying in the traditional sense of the word.  Although, because we are spiritual beings, that may be when the fun really starts…who knows?

No, the dying I’m talking about is that surrender of self, that letting go of the ego, that relinquishing of total control.  You know, the really, really hard thing to do!

I talked about this whole notion in one of my recent posts, Sweet Surrender, but it has really been something that has stayed on my heart lately, so with apologies to Ronald Reagan, here I go again...

Whether you believe that we have been separated from God because of our sins, or you believe that we’re cut off from our source energy by our limiting beliefs, or you have any other take on our current state of existence, the bottom line is that we are disconnected until we plug back in.  What many consider being lost is a perfect description of our natural state.  Well, maybe not our truest natural state, but the one we find ourselves in after years of negative conditioning.  We start off as pretty limitless thinkers you know, believing we can do anything and following our hearts and dreams, but by the time we are “responsible adults” and ready to go out and face the world, we have been reduced to limited, disconnected, and in some cases, for lack of a better description, literal numb skulls.

Until we wake up and become conscious of our lives and begin to seek the truth, we sort of wander through the journey with no real grasp of our greater purpose.  A great and glorious struggle, if you will.  You know, forcing our way through life with our big, bullying and stubborn free will, guided only by logic or what we saw on TV the night before, and constantly yearning for the past or future.  Not exactly the good life

It’s only when we give up trying to control absolutely everything, and begin to understand that there is a Higher Source which is unlimited, unconditionally loving, and that longs to guide us on our journey, that we will start to grow spiritually and begin to experience life as we should.  We just have to die to self.  And we have to do it pretty much every day.

After all, as many have said, we are all spiritual beings that are having an earthly experience.  Not the other way around.

The life that is inside you is eternal.  It is energy and it is spirit.  It can only be limited by what you believe or don’t believe, and of course by your physical condition.

The actual living of life doesn’t really start to occur for any of us on this planet though until we get back to some of that stuff that worked so well for us when we were kids.

Let me try a little something here…

Think of the most successful people you know.  Now think of the happiest people you know.  And finally think of the people that are the most fun to be around.  Any commonalities?

I bet that the successful people you thought of were ones who had a burning belief that they could be something great or do something great.  I bet the happy people are dreamers and always thinking of things with a positive perspective.  And I bet the ones that everyone enjoys being around are the same ones we would call “young at heart”.   How did I do?

When I talk about the stuff that worked for us as kids, consider these thoughts;  As kids we were pretty secure in knowing that we would be taken care of.  For most of us, we had at least one parent who loved us unconditionally.  For others it may have been a foster parent or grandparent.  Sure they may have ‘tanned our hides’ once in a while, or yelled with disapproval at some of the silly things we did…but the love was genuine and pure.  And because we were loved, protected, and confident, we were free to chase our dreams and believe that we could be or do anything we wanted.  We just let go!  Our imagination, which Einstein said is more important than knowledge, was our ultimate guide.  If we needed anything we would simply consult our parents (Ask and it is given).  If we were confused about a situation we would again find the answers given to us freely (Seek and you shall find).  Sometimes we didn’t totally understand the answers, so we might have had to be more persistent (Knock, and the door shall be opened).  It was as if we didn’t have to worry about anything related to our sustenance, all we had to do was live.  Yes, it was exactly like that.  And it still is!

Think of God as your Ultimate parent.  We truly are Children of our Creator.  Your center of energy and your higher self are the same as the voice of reason, source of love and protection, support and guidance system that your mom or dad or grandma were when you were growing up.  Believe it!

Let it all go (…die…) and follow your heart.  Believe in yourself and chase your dreams.  Do that one thing you have always wanted to do.  No more excuses.  God and the Universe have got your back!  If you’re wanting to start your own business, but already have a job that takes up 60 hours of your week…sneak in a little at a time, as much as you can, and trust that it will happen.  Keep doing it, and guess what?  It WILL happen.  Maybe you’re out of work and running out of money.  Trust God, believe in yourself and start taking action that moves you toward a goal.  Interview for jobs…make contact with as many people as you know that have jobs and see if there are any available.  Maybe the gig you get won’t be your ultimate career choice, but it will serve as a landing place for you to gather your momentum while you seek your true calling.  Maybe you want to go back to school.  Maybe you want to write poetry from the back deck with a cold drink in your hand.  Whatever it is…get busy doing it!  You’ll never regret the things you go after when you’re following your heart and pursuing your desire using the gifts that you have.

Be patient and let go of the worry and stress.  Have faith.  Know that your greatest good will be accomplished.  Be responsible and do the things that are within your control, but release those things that are not.  Be happy.  Laugh as much as you possibly can…it is elixir for the soul!   Be confident and work with purpose.

And finally and for goodness’ sake, have fun…because tomorrow, we die again!

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  1. Yes! Surrender just like little children. That is the key to happiness in a nutshell. Peace 🙂

  2. These are terrific words of wisdom. Having real faith in yourself can propel you even farther than you can see. Sadly we do tend to lose that faith as we get older. I think it is time we did what you suggest here and let go and believe. Lovely post.

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