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Three Steps to Achievment

Accomplishing your goals really comes down to having a definitive plan and being able to execute it.

In fact, one of the reasons that so many folks get sidetracked on their way to achieving their goals is that they don’t have a plan at all.  Because a plan is so important, I wanted to share something meaningful with you that would have the greatest positive impact.

So here are three steps that I have found to be incredibly effective in achieving anything you want in life:

1. Decide what it is you are trying to achieve

Seems like a no-brainer, right?  Yet, amazingly enough, it’s the step that gets skipped the most.  Probably not on purpose, but skipped nonetheless.  Often we make our goals very vague, even to ourselves.  “Get better” or “Be successful” are examples of this.  There is no specificity, and as such, there is no measurability.  Without the opportunity to track our progress or to even know if we ever get there…we’re going to end up frustrated and feeling like we’re spinning our wheels.  Sometimes, we don’t actually have any goals at all.  We just sort of wander toward what we hope will be a better place, but haven’t defined ANYTHING…even vaguely!

Be SPECIFIC!  Be CRYSTAL CLEAR!  Take the time necessary to determine the end result you are truly after.  It really is  the best time you will ever invest in your own life.

2. Trust yourself

I like to say that your instincts are there for a reason.  And that reason is to lead you in the right direction.  Trusting your gut will do amazing things for you, a couple in particular.  One, it will teach you to listen to yourself, and there isn’t another person alive who should resonate with you any more powerfully than YOU!  And two, you’ll start to experience what it means to follow your heart.  You’ll begin building real-life scenarios which your brain can use as frames of reference.  And that’s unbelievably valuable as you continue your journey.  Your life centers around the choices and decisions you make; wouldn’t it be nice to know that you had someone there right by your side, every step of the way…who actually knew what they were doing?  (You do!)

3. Get busy

I have a note on the wall in my office that says, “DO SOMETHING!”  Now, I know that sounds a little unclear, and it would be counter intuitive for me to suggest that you simply do anything after I have already talked about the value of being specific, so let me explain why I have that note.

To me, “DO SOMETHING!” means that I need to take some kind of action each day that  moves me forward, toward my goal, keeping step #2 clearly in mind, of course.

And that’s exactly what you need to do.  Once the goal has been defined and you’re willing to trust yourself, you need to get out there and start taking care of business!  Your goals do not achieve themselves via some cosmic osmosis, in spite of what you may have heard others say.  Achievement does require your effort, and when that effort is clearly focused, and you are confident, everything is possible!

This is a real simple outline and very easy to remember.  It’s also extremely efficient in getting you moving toward your goals.  I challenge you to put these steps into practice today and see what a difference they will make for you.

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2 Responses to “Three Steps to Achievment”

  1. The problem, Mike, is that so many people “get busy” without insuring that this action is directly related to their goal and plan!

  2. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    I agree, Roy…that is the challenge. And as I see it, also the opportunity!
    The opportunity to step back and re-focus. Putting a simple checklist like this one into play can be extremely valuable.
    You’re so right…all of us are busy, and we seem to get busier every day. And because of this, the action we take needs to be related as directly as possible to our goals! That’s really the only way we’ll ever get there!

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