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This Positive Shit

I can still remember the conversation.

My wife and I were talking about some of the good things that were happening in our lives, which hadn’t been the case for quite a while. We had, for what seemed like a very long time, been powering through some pretty difficult and trying times, and there now seemed to be a little bit of positivity seeping into our otherwise rocky set of life events.

To the best of our knowledge, the only thing we had consciously done differently during this particular series of hardships was change our way of thinking.

We were dealing with what seemed like one bit of bad news after another. One setback after another. Or as we had somewhat sarcastically begun referring to it, our own personal little version of “one step up and five steps back”.

However, somewhere in the middle of all of this, we decided to let go a little and look for the positive in every situation. It wasn’t always there, but at least we were looking. We chose to take things one moment, a few hours, and then one day at a time. And we also decided to laugh as much as possible. Our logic here was, laughing feels better than screaming or crying, and it made things easier…even if we weren’t exactly sure how or why.

I had talked about this kind of things many times, blogged about it, written about it, preached it to our kids. So, we were familiar with the way it was supposed to work.stay positive

And then, sort of out of nowhere…daylight. Some fun. Some good stuff started coming our way. We almost didn’t recognize it, but it did come with a built in sense of relaxation and peace.

We weren’t really as surprised about it as we were relieved, and there was a strange (but good) sense of calm that accompanied it.

And that’s when my partner in life looked me square in the eyes and said those famous words that have since become a mantra of sorts for our family. “This positive shit you talk about all the time really works!”

In a moment, a man redeemed. A philosophy and mindset legitimized. A chance to exhale…

We laughed about it (and still do) and then started to wonder if the shift in momentum we were experiencing was merely part of the ebb and flow that all of us experience in life, or if in fact, because we had decided to look at things differently and not allow our feelings to be dictated by our circumstances, we actually had some kind of tangible impact on what was now playing out.

We chose to believe the latter and still do to this day. Even if we’re wrong, it sure feels better to do it this way.

It seems to me that in the times that are the hardest and during the circumstances that test us all the most, choosing to stay positive and remain optimistic will be the one variable within our control, which will have the greatest and most meaningful impact on our lives, once everything plays out. And yes, all things pass. One way or another.

Try some positivity. It’s good shit.


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