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Think About Yourself, Will You?

You’ve heard the expression, “you always hurt the ones you love”, right?   In fact, you’ve probably experienced it to some degree.  It’s okay to admit…we’ve all been there.

One of the reasons that we sometimes end up hurting the people we care most about, at least in my opinion, is because they’re the ones we’re the most honest with.  So, when we’re around them, we have no problem blurting out whatever happens to be on our minds, and we end up throwing some real zingers out there…in spite of our good intentions.

Usually, the people that end up hurting us are those same folks we care most about and have the most respect for.  When they say something that might have a little bite to it, we tend to take it very seriously, and very personally.

So, yes, I would say that this old adage rings true a lot of the time.

But I want to get you to think about someone else you might be hurting a lot and a on a really consistent basis.  And it may be someone you don’t stop to think about that much.

That person is YOU.

And you’re often hurting yourself by allowing a bunch of crummy thoughts to run through your mind on a fairly regular basis.

Consider this; if it’s true that our persistent thoughts end up becoming the events and circumstances that play out in our lives, how could our powerfully negative or self-defeating thoughts not have at least some real detrimental affects on us?

Well, quite simply, they do.

The thing is, we’re not necessarily hurting ourselves in the same manner we’re hurting our loved ones.  Often we’re thinking a bunch of crap about ourselves that isn’t even true!  So, it’s not the brutal honesty that’s causing the pain when it comes to the self-inflicted damage…it’s just the brutal part.

Because of this, we really need to start paying attention to those crummy, lousy, blah thoughts that, because they’ve likely become habitual, just dance around freely on the playground of our minds day after day.

Maybe you’ve never even considered how much you might be hurting yourself.  If not, I’m here to tell you…it’s worth considering!

The limiting thoughts, defeated attitudes, and negative ideas that you allow to set up shop in your mind, will soon become the reality that you live on a daily basis.  Doesn’t sound too cool, does it?

So now it’s time to do a little thinking about YOU.  You need to start with cleaning up the crummy things you think about yourself, or the snide little remarks you make about yourself, or those fearful thoughts about all the things you can’t do.

Instead, fill your mind with love, appreciation, and start to become aware of the wonderful person that you really are.  It is said that true power within an individual comes to light as the result of consciousness of that power.  You’re a force of nature.  You just have to tune into that fact and start to embrace it.  Every day.

You need to love, respect, honor, and flat out dig yourself like nobody’s business!  Yeah, I’m sayin’ it…fall in love with YOU!  And do that every single day.

At the risk of sounding like I’m asking you to be an arrogant little narcissist, what I’m really trying to tell you is this: start loving yourself and stop hurting yourself!  What will happen as a result of this?  You will begin the process of creating loving relationships all around you, and  stop the whole “hurt the one’s you love” bit right in its tracks!  It’s the stone cold truth!

Who loves you, baby?

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2 Responses to “Think About Yourself, Will You?”

  1. I have met the enemy… He is me!

  2. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Roy –

    Here’s an anonymous quote that I’ve kept with me for years:

    “When you are looking in the mirror, you are looking at the problem. But remember, you are also looking at the solution”

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