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The Will to Win

Are you willing to be extraordinary?

Sounds like a loaded question, doesn’t it?  Well, it’s not.

It’s actually a question that you need to ask yourself and answer, if you have any desire to become the greatest, happiest, and most successful version of YOU that’s possible.

Your willingness and your will power both have a whole lot to do with it.

Perseverance, determination, guts, resolution, tenacity, desire and will power are the fuels that run the engine which will power you to accomplish anything you can imagine.  Without the fuel, the engine sputters and eventually just stops.

Usually, the engine stops because of a lack of will.

When someone starts out on the road toward ultimate achievement, there are almost always high hopes involved.  Sometimes there is faith, and often a belief in self, at least to a certain degree.  Most who fall short of their goal, or who quit trying before they have accomplished anything do so because they weren’t first willing to do whatever it took to be successful.

A lot of people can visualize themselves being successful and they become committed to that vision.  They are committed to being successful.  They just have no idea how to get there, and often find that they lose the stomach for it when the going gets tough.

Undeniably, the one commonality between all people who have achieved great things is that fact that they didn’t quit until they reached their goal.  The commitment to do whatever it takes is really the only key you need to unlock the kingdom.  It may sound raw and a bit undefined, but you will definitely achieve your goal if you refuse to quit.  Depending on what it is you are trying to accomplish…how skilled you may be, how well you learn from short comings, your ability to recognize resources, and how adept you are at making adjustments, the process of achievement could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 10 years.  But it WILL happen if you refuse to quit.  That much I know!

You may think of it as your biggest goal, your bravest dream, or your ultimate vision for your life.  Whatever it is, it’s no different than anything else in this world, in this sense; it CAN be accomplished, it CAN be done, it CAN happen…it only takes the guts to embrace it and commit to it, without the possibility of surrender, and the will power to see it through.

Admittedly, it sounds a lot easier to read than it is to put into play in your life.  However, the truth is the truth, no matter how you say it.  And the best part of this is that you have the will inside of you.  You may not have ever directed it toward that thing you are most passionate about, but it’s there.  Maybe you have felt the spark or even tested it to a certain degree, but until you unleash it, you won’t realize its awesome power.

That special level of persistence within you will wear down all resistance you might face.  The kind of drive you can engage will eliminate obstacles and create opportunities where they didn’t exist previously.  It’s all there, and at your disposal.  Your quiver is full, so to speak…

And so, back to the original question.

What do you think?  Are you willing?  Can you commit?  If you are, and if you do, then the rest of us will look for you in the winner’s circle.  Over and over again.

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  1. Great post, Mike.
    One of the favorite signs we have around here:

    All it takes is just a little bit extra to make the ordinary extraordinary….

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