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The Time is Now

“Tired of lying in the sunshine,  Staying home to watch the rain,

You are young and life is long,  And there is time to kill today,

And then one day you find ten years have gone behind you,

No one told you when to run,  You missed the starting gun…”

– lyrics from “Time” by Pink Floyd

Ask any group of professionals what their biggest challenges are on the job and they will likely list “time management” in the top three.

Ask someone who works for themselves what one of the toughest issues is for them on a daily basis and they will probably say something like, “finding enough time in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done”.

Ask a parent who stays at home with their children how they feel at the end of each day, and you’re likely to hear that there just isn’t enough time in their day to get anything meaningful accomplished.

Time seems to be the one thing that we never have enough of, even though each of us always has all the time that exists in the world.  Strange, eh?

So what is the secret to managing time?

The answer lies in understanding that there is really only one time that any of us ever have.  And that time is NOW.  We can’t go backwards and live in the past, so the past doesn’t really exist.  We can plan for the future, but by the time it gets here, guess what time it has become?  It has become the NOW.  You can only exist in the NOW, and you can only accomplish anything in the NOW.  If you don’t believe me, try to do something yesterday.

Often, we say that we don’t have enough time because we are stressing out over something that hasn’t happened yet (devoting all of our NOW to worrying about a time that doesn’t even exist!)  Or, we are totally preoccupied thinking of some event or series of events that happened some time in the past (devoting all of our NOW to reliving moments that will never return and that technically don’t exist anymore, either).

It is in wasting your NOW, that you are literally wasting your time!  The reason that it feels like you don’t have enough time is because you are using all of the time you have (the only time you’ll ever have) to live vicariously in times and places that aren’t part of anyone’s reality.

When you have an idea, it is crucial to act on it.  Right now.  When you figure out a solution to a challenge, the only time to implement it is right now.  You might think that you need other resources to put your plan in motion, and that may be the case…but instead of putting something off until those  resources magically appear, start pursuing them, and do that now.

Once you discover the true power of living in the present, you will unleash the full potential of achievement for yourself.  You can become significantly more productive, totally eliminate procrastination, and you will enjoy life to the absolute fullest.

You’ve heard the phrase “there’s no time like the present”.  Start thinking of it this way, “there’s no time but the present”.  It will change your life!

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