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The Speed of Success

“Fortune favors the bold” – Latin proverb

‘The universe likes speed” – Dr. Joe Vitale

There is a great distinction to be made between making a hasty or rash decision and taking immediate inspired action.  One can lead to regret and some lousy ramifications, and the other can lead to amazing achievement and unrivaled success.  Knowing the difference is the beginning of wisdom.  Acting on that knowledge is pure genius.

I have talked to thousands of business owners in my life, and I’ve had the good fortune to have been instrumental in the creation of countless marketing campaigns during my career in the television advertising business.  The one thing that truly stands out to me from these experiences as a separating factor between the businesses who experienced growth and success and those who floundered, was the ability of the successful owners to make quick decisions once they had the information they needed.

For many, while they could be looking at all of the facts, all of the benefits, and all of the upside to investing in a solid long-term plan to promote their business, the only thing they could see was the risk involved, and they would inevitably ask for more time to think about it…more time to think about it….and they would put it off, and put it off, and put it off.  Some of them until they literally went out of business.

For others, once they determined the potential that existed in taking a step forward, and once they comprehended the advantages of doing so, they would simply decide to move ahead.  In almost every single case, they went on to experience success and their business began to grow in ways it never could have, had they not been willing to put fear in the closet and pursue excellence.

In the case of the owners who delayed their decision, they almost always talked about how bad it was or how afraid they were to make rash decisions.  Even though the truth of the matter is that there was no amount of time which would ever make the facts any truer, the risk any less a reality, the potential any greater, or the opportunity any better, they still chose to procrastinate.  And by doing so, they allowed the opportunity to take things to another level to simply and quietly slip away.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you should always make quick decisions and never take the time to evaluate your calculated leap.  I would consider that to be somewhat ignorant.

But what I am suggesting is that once you have all of the information that you need, and the ability to act on that information, it does no good to delay the decision to move forward unless you are deciding to not do it at all.

Consider these thoughts; you have never been to the next level until you get there.  You have no frame of reference on achievement of new and great goals that you have yet to accomplish.  Therefore, the only way that you will ever reach your greatest potential, is to do things that you have never done before.  To me, it seems ridiculous to believe that you can ever achieve greatness by “playing it safe”.  The other extremely important aspect of this you need to wrap your mind around is that NOW is the only time you can ever do anything.

Now, there may be specific situations where you do not have the resources to move forward with a decision right away, and yes, it is possible to come back later and do what you need to do.  Life just has a funny way of paying back the people who have the guts and the determination to trust and act.  I don’t necessarily know exactly how it works…I just know it does.

Opportunity certainly comes knocking.  And sometimes it even sticks around for a little longer and rings the door bell.  Rarely does it circle the block and make another visit though.

Fortune favors the bold.

You may receive inspiration in many forms.  That pesky sales rep that keeps hammering you for your business may seem like the human equivalent of a mosquito at a picnic, but he or she may just be your little miracle maker in disguise.  Pay attention.

The universe likes speed.

When I say that the distinction between hasty action and inspired action is important, it really is an understatement.  The business person who sees the difference and acts accordingly is wise and will prosper.  Even if it doesn’t happen every time and even if it doesn’t happen right away.

The person who understands the difference between haste and inspired action regarding their personal affairs is equally as wise, and can be just as successful in any and all aspects of their life.

Once you realize that moving forward is the only direction that makes any sense, you can start to make better decisions, and you will start to experience greater results.

There is also a great wisdom in understanding that failure is part of success and not the opposite of success as so many others believe.  Yes, I just suggested that you could fail when you make the determination to follow you inspiration and act.  But I am also saying that failure is merely a part of the successful process, provided you don’t quit.  Quitting, you see, is the opposite of success.  And quitting is the only thing that can stop you from succeeding once you begin to move forward.

In our culture, we have become a bit wary of people trying to force us to make quick decisions before we have a chance to think about the consequences.  And yes, you are smart to be vigilant.  But, if you can shift your perspective and stay focused on your own growth or the growth of your business, then you will start to interpret the information that comes your way a little differently.  You will begin to have a clearer outlook, and your decisions will come from a position of strength rather than weakness.  It’s important to focus on the vision of ultimate success you have and not to get lost in thinking about someone “pulling a fast one” on you.

And finally, never be afraid to do something new if the only compelling reason for not doing it is that you’ve never done it before.  That is the mindset of an unsuccessful person.

Think like a successful person would think.  But even more importantly, act like a successful person would act.

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