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The Law of Distraction

Is the law of attraction real?  Absolutely.

Do I believe in it?  I sure do.

Has it worked its “magic” in my life?  Yup.

Am I consumed by it?  Not a chance.

You may be wondering why I would say that.  Allow me to explain myself…

I honestly believe that the majority of the people who can’t seem to get in the groove with the law of attraction make a huge mistake when they become totally consumed by the law itself.  Or the idea of the law.  They completely obsess over it.  LOA becomes all-encompassing, and nothing else really seems to matter.  It literally takes all their energy and focus.  Their mind becomes jammed with nothing but LOA, LOA, LOA…

Here’s my take; obsessing over the law of attraction is as crazy as obsessing over the law of gravity.  And how foolish does that sound?  Imagine going through the motions each day, your mind tormented by the concept of cosmic force,  focusing on exactly how the law of gravity was working, taking one step at a time, very delicately of course, so as not to upset the balance of the Universe…people would think you were nuts.  And you know what?  They’d be right.

When all you can think about is the law of attraction, it’s just as wacky.  And you really end up living in a detached state.  You try to capture each fleeting thought that runs through your mind, you work extremely hard not to hold any negative thoughts, you work on ways to better communicate with your subconscious mind, etc.  It’s similar to an out-of-body experience, only I might call it an out-of-your-life experience.

I know quite a few people who watched movies like “The Secret”, and after that, became completely consumed with the law of attraction.  It was the new centerpiece of their lives; bigger than anything else.  It took top billing and priority over their relationships, their friends or family…it was literally the absolute single most important thing in their entire world.  To the point where they had almost become inattentive to their own existence.

This awesome idea that they could create their own destiny was a new one to them (even though the idea has really been around since the beginning of time), and so they set out on their journey to manifest only good things for themselves the rest of the way.  New cars, checks in the mail, riches, huge beach houses, and the like were surely theirs for the taking, right?  All they really had to do was totally focus on what they wanted, never think about what they didn’t want, fill their subconscious mind with positive thoughts all day long, and sit back and wait for the show to start.

Then something really amazing happened to all of them.  Nothing.

So, ever dedicated to success, as long as it involved a huge pay off without a major commitment, they all began to search for more answers.

And of course, the opportunistic entrepreneurs out in the real world were happy to oblige them.  New books with titles like “The Real Super Dooper Secret of the Secret”, “The Secret that No One Who Has Money Ever Wants You To Find Out About”,  or “The Ultra Hidden Super Secret That The Secret Kept a Secret” were available online and in bookstores everywhere.

So, what did all of the self-improvement seekers do?  They bought more books.  And more CDs.  And more study guides.  And signed up for more Law of Attraction courses.  And so on and so on.

And still nothing really wonderful happened.  Major bummer.

Maybe you feel like one of these folks.  It’s possible.  It can hook even the wisest among us.  I mean, seriously, who doesn’t want to live the life of their dreams, if they can wish it into existence without having to leave their living room?  I’d say, “Count me in!”  If I didn’t know better…

You may feel like you should keep buying every new book about the law of attraction that comes down the pike, so you can pick up on that one hidden secret that you haven’t uncovered yet.  Because that elusive nugget is going to be the one that finally sets you on the road to having everything you want in life, right?  The vast riches for absolutely no reason, and abundance, just ‘cuz.  The perfect soulmate from out of nowhere, bringing unconditional love and a perfect relationship, even though you haven’t really learned how to love yourself.

Actually, you don’t have to invest another dime or engage in another meditation session where you’re visualizing yourself sitting on the throne, as ruler of the free world.  I’ll give you the hidden secret for free.  Right here, right now.

The steps in the process of manifestation are not flawed.  The formula for achievement is intact.  You’re not missing anything…you’ve just become extremely distracted.

Think about it for a minute.  What is it that all of the otherwise well-meaning people I described were forgetting to do?  Is it as obvious to you as it is to me?  If you’re stuck in the LOA rut yourself, and can’t think of anything else…what are YOU forgetting to do?

You’re forgetting to LIVE!

Living your life is the key to enjoying your life.  And I’ll tell you, no matter how tuned in you may believe you are, if the law of attraction and managing your thoughts day and night has become your obsession…not only are you not bringing the things into your life that you truly desire, but you’re losing a lot of valuable time here on planet earth!

Live your life!  Become conscious of the present moments that you exist in, and experience the journey.  Up close and personal.  You’re actually in the absolute perfect place RIGHT NOW!  Read this post if you would like to hear more about that.

By focusing entirely on the process and the steps of the process, and the steps that you might be missing in the process, you are relentlessly cheating yourself out of the greatest gift of all…your LIFE!

All of the laws of the Universe work perfectly fine, and they don’t work any better or worse when you or I are watching their every move.  Trust me.

So what’s my point?

Here’s the stone cold truth, or as I like to say, the keys to the kingdom:  If you want happiness in your life, then start being happy.  If you want success, then start establishing the habits of a successful person.  If you want more money, then come up with an idea and sell it to a bunch of people.  If you want a healthy relationship, then start becoming the person worthy of that relationship.  If you want love to come walking through your door, then start giving love to the world around you.  Pull a Ghandi…become the change you want to see in the world.  In your world.

You have all the power right there within yourself.  You don’t need seventeen different gurus to tell you how to do it.  YOU ARE the GURU!  Get it?

Lest I sound like some dude on a soapbox, grinding my axe and spouting off because I didn’t manifest my own Ferrari…as I stated at the beginning, I absolutely believe in the law of attraction.  If you happen to read my blog, you know I’m a big proponent.  But you also know I don’t pull any punches.  And for some reason, I really felt inspired to post this.

Even in the movie “The Secret” they ever-so-subtly referred to maybe the most important step of the whole process of success.  After saying, ask and believe, they said, receive.  Now look, it’s definitely not that simple.  But to receive the amazing in your life really means a few things.  Trust in the Higher Power, trust in your greatest good, let go of all the pressure of having to do it yourself, stay focused on your goals, and LIVE your life.  Expect great things but don’t become consumed by the process.  It’s unhealthy.  And believe it or not, counter productive.

Your desire and your dream may very well be something that consumes you, and I would say that’s very productive.  Having clarity of purpose and being able to focus on it is HUGE.  If you want anything badly enough and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it, it’s yours!   But again – don’t let the process consume you.

Obsessing in this way typically leads to trying to figure out exactly how everything is going to happen.  And when you’re consumed with the how an the when, that’s where you slip into the wonderful world of God and the order of the Universe.  It’s above your pay grade, so to speak.  So just don’t go there.  You’re only suppose to be concerned with the What and the Why…NEVER the How and the When.  Here’s another blog about that.

So, here’s my closing thought…only fifteen hundred words later

Don’t get so caught up and distracted in a mystical idea that you forget what truly makes life amazing, miraculous, and magical.  Don’t forget to LIVE.

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  1. I really like your posts. I’ve always said the “Secret” is nothing without the willingness to put in a little hard work as well as the ability to focus on WHY you want what you want (i.e. to have money to pay your bills, to have the nice car because it makes you happy, etc. etc.). I do know a lot of people who get caught up in the focus of attracting things, but never enjoy what they get. You are definitely right about the distraction and the need to live your life.

    Whether or not you get what you want, if you can’t enjoy what you have, what’s the point?

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