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The Laughable Life

“At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities” – Jean Houston

Laughter is a remarkable thing.

I’ve often said to people that it is in my ability to laugh, at myself and at circumstances around me, that I have remained sane in this ever changing world.  Now, I don’t know exactly how sane I am, but I can assure you that had I not figured out how much fun it is and how therapeutic it can be to laugh, I would have been a much different and likely crazier dude.

Just stop for a moment and consider how powerful laughing is as it pertains to attitude.

It is impossible to feel bad or be mad or to resent or to be stressed out when you are laughing.  Impossible.  Even when you fake laughter, you feel better. If you don’t believe me, then try to prove me wrong. You won’t be able to do it.  Laughter is unmatched as a source for replenishing the soul.  It is to your essence what a full tank of gas is to a car.  When you laugh, you literally reload yourself.

So, if attitude is everything, I say it owes laughter a great debt for it’s lofty ranking.

I think I learned the true value of laughter and attitude when I was in in the 4th grade.  I was in a new school at the time, and of course I was hoping to make friends.  It seemed that I had developed some kind of knack for coming up with witty comments in just about any situation.  And I noticed that when I would express this new found ability, a bunch of other kids would laugh. It was really fun.  The guys thought I was cool and funny…the girls all smiled at me in that way they only smile at someone who is interesting (you know, as interesting as you can be at nine year old).  It was awesome!  Of course, if my wit happened to be directed toward anything that the teacher said, I often found myself being scowled at, or separated from the happy crew of students at my table. It didn’t discourage me though.  I parlayed it into a lifestyle, which from an academic standpoint culminated in my achieving the “Class Clown” award as a senior in high school. From a real life standpoint, it has made me the person that I am today.  Sane, hopefully to some significant degree, and an absolute lover of life! It has also created in me a positive outlook, which has in turn transformed my life into something completely different than what it might have been.

After all, your perspective of life is indeed your reality.

The quote by Jean Houston at the beginning of the post eludes to the fact that there are a lot of possibilities out there, and they will begin to present themselves to you more clearly once you learn to let go, and really laugh. The universe can be an absolutely amazing place to exist once you learn how to do this. And it isn’t something that requires an incredible talent, or hours upon hours of training.  It’s already programmed into you. You just may not have tapped into it yet.

It has been my observation that those individuals who seem to be able to enjoy their lives to the fullest are also the ones who exercise this ability to laugh at all kinds of things. They might not always be the guy or gal at the party with the lamp shade on their head, so to speak, (and yes, in case you’re wondering I have done that before) but they have always been the ones who could laugh at humorous observations, funny jokes, odd circumstances, and witty comments. And when the laughter starts to flow, it creates a wonderful energy that allows any one of us to realize our own potential.

Laughing also cleanses as much as it revitalizes.

Having a positive attitude doesn’t necessarily mean that you are walking around with a smile on your face 24/7. In fact, if you’re not The Joker from the Batman saga, then you can’t really be smiling all the time.  Sometimes life throws us a curve ball or two.  Sadness and anguish make up happiness to the same degree that failure is a big part of success. So there are going to be tough times, even for the positive thinkers, and even for those who are prone to laugh.  But when you do feel down or upset, laughter enables you to start a cleansing process that will again take you to where you need to be mentally and emotionally.  It may not be easy, but it is a direct route out of despair.

Learn to laugh.

Laugh at yourself, and laugh at some of the things that you see playing out around you. Begin to enjoy your current circumstances for all of the right reasons. And if the circumstances aren’t exactly what you want them to be, laugh at that!  Not only will you feel better instantly, but you will begin to open yourself up to the limitless possibilities that exist for you. You will be in the best frame of mind to receive inspiration which can carry you as far as you are willing to let it carry you.  And all just for a few laughs.

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