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The Good Stuff

Well, I think we’ve come to that wonderful part of the holiday season where we all need to give some serious thought to the stocking stuffers we’re going to invest in this year.  I have to admit, I’m chuckling a little as I write that…

What I mean is, now that “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” have both passed and most of us have secured the big ticket items we had on our Christmas lists, we need to turn our attention to those last minute purchases that can still be perceived as quality gifts, or at least take up the space around the assorted candy in the stockings.

Might I suggest a particular book that I think would make a nice gift?

The book is Habitual Victory: The Truth About Achieving Success, Finding Happiness and Living the Life of Your Dreams.  Written by yours truly.

Well, it is my blog, so I suppose rather than think of it as shameless self-promotion,I really look at like my contribution to what might be a break through year for a lot of people!

When I wrote the book earlier this year, I did so to address a pretty specific group of folks. I was inspired to write it because of all the people that I knew or heard from who had seen movies like The Secret, or read other books like Think and Grow Rich and were ready to set the world on fire by manifesting an incredible life of health, wealth, and happiness.  Only to find out that it was a heck of a lot harder to do than just thinking positive thoughts or sitting around wishing for the abundance of the universe to fall into their laps.

Once people starting picking up the book and reading it however, something else really cool started happening, which has become one of the more humbling experiences in my life as well as an incredible blessing.

I started to receive e-mails and phone messages from all kinds of people, even the ones who didn’t necessarily fit the profile I was writing to, and they told me how they found inspiration in the book, and are now following their hearts, pursuing their dreams, and have committed to become successful and achieve all the things they’ve dreamed about.

Now, what I know to be true is that all of those wonderful stories have very little to do with me.  I’m just thrilled to be part of it.  The truth is, those testimonies have everything to do with the individuals who made the decision to get serious about their lives, and then used the book to look within themselves and find the answers they have been searching for.

Success, happiness, abundance, joy…these are all choices for you.  You can decide to have, be, or do anything you want in this life and then you can go and get it.  All of the resources, tools, talent, and motivation you need already exist right there within you.

And there’s something else I need you to know.  You can become whatever you want and achieve whatever you want, regardless of what your current situation may be.  It won’t happen overnight, don’t let anyone fool you.  But I guarantee you it will happen if you can believe in yourself and make the commitment to stay with your dream until you have achieved it.

If you’re interested in changing your course and becoming the person you know that you should be, then get a copy of the book for yourself!

Or, as I say, if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, how about the stuff that could literally change someone’s life?  That’s the true holiday spirit!

Here’s a link to Habitual Victory on Amazon OR you can pick up Habitual Victory at Create Space .

My wish for you, my readers, is not only that you have an incredible holiday season this year, but also that you find everything in your life you’re looking for. May you become the ultimate version of yourself and may happiness, success, abundance, health and wealth be yours now and as long as you live.

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