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The Best Kind of Bold

Sometimes it seems like arrogant people are more bold, doesn’t it?

And it sure feels like those conceited, ruthless, greedy people are a lot more powerful than the rest of us, right?  (I’m assuming of course you’re not one of the conceited, ruthless or greedy people I’m referencing).

Sure, they can be louder in social settings, and they are truly adept at putting other people down, often in front of their peers.  But the truth is that the loud, obnoxious, cocky, and entitled among us are really cowards. Weaklings cleverly disguised as big shots.

The art of insulting someone is really just the learned ability by a person to make someone else look or feel smaller in a particular setting, in order to exalt themselves.  It’s a pretty tried and true way of doing it, I’ll give them that, but it does have its inherent limitations.  For example, there are a lot more people now who can see through such a ridiculous attempt at self-elevation through the mere act of making fun or telling an embarrassing story about someone else.

Also, most of us are a little more hip to how ridiculous a self absorbed blow hard really sounds, and it kind of becomes a buzz kill.  Even in those settings where no one is actually buzzed…

Still, when we hear things like “Fortune favors the bold”, we tend to think of those out spoken, shamelessly self-promoting, fast-talking meat heads before we consider ourselves.

Here’s my take…

I think the most powerful people on the planet are the humble ones.  The ones who realize that every day is both a gift and an opportunity.  You know, the kind of people that dream while they are awake and have the courage to go out and become the person that they were meant to be.  Not to impress or to make headlines, but to make impressions and establish guidelines.  After all, real success leaves clues.  The phony kind sort of keeps to itself.

I recently posted on the Habitual Victory Facebook Fan Page:  “Arrogance leads to self destruction. A humble spirit is more bold and more powerful, and leads to success beyond imagination”.  Let that one sink in.  And while you’re pondering…come join us at the page if you haven’t already.  Here’s the link: Habitual Victory on Facebook . We would love to have you be part of the our fast growing community.

There is great power in realizing that you can change the world.  But changing the world in the most meaningful way possible starts from the inside.  It starts with that fire that burns in your belly and tells you that you are capable of doing amazing things…all the wonderful dreams and vision you have!  That’s your stuff and you can make it happen!

None of us have the right to be famous or powerful or wealthy or any of that stuff.  But all of us have that opportunity.

I often say that a slight shift in perspective can make the most monumental difference in your life and have the most profound results.

Fortune does indeed favor the bold.  But not necessarily the loud or the bullish.

Focus on the power and strength you possess on the inside.  Learn to use the tools that you have come equipped with.  You are as unique as you are special and you are alive with a chance to make this crazy world a better place.

You don’t have to do it by bad mouthing others or talking down to people.  You really don’t have to climb any ladders by trampling those who may be trying to climb as well.  In fact, the whole ladder metaphor sucks in my book.  I like to look at life as a true journey.  There is a wide road and it has many travelers.  It narrows in places, without question, but when you get to those parts of the road that start to get a little scary and skinny, rather than push someone out of the way, how about asking them how they got there, or if they know what lies just ahead over the horizon.  You might even team up with them and make the next leg of the trip a joint venture.  In my mind, these are much better options than shunning or scarring those you may learn from.

It’s not a race, people. If it was, you and I would already have lost…BIG TIME.  Seriously, do you know how many people have lived a full life and finished the journey before we even had the chance to start?

Here’s the challenge:  Be humble.  Be thankful.  Be confident.  Be bold.  Be brave enough to become the person you were meant to be.

The experiences will be more fun, your friends will be more authentic, and the spoils, well the spoils are just the icing on the cake of a life filled with passion and purpose.

Then you can just just laugh at the big mouthed egomaniacs running around spreading the gospel according to them.  Because once you’ve shifted your perspective, they really do sound kinda funny.  That may seem a little harsh or judgmental for me to suggest you laugh at them rather than at least try to convert them…but hey, I’m human, and I’m always up for a good laugh.

See you on the road…

Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “The Best Kind of Bold”

  1. I stay positive, I am a positive person. What I do not understand is how at my age of 45 with a degree and being very intelligent, how bosses do not see my intelligence and not promote me or increase my pay. Okay, so you say you can answer that in a positive note: but the thing is who can live on 9.00 an hour!!!! Help.

  2. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Jackie –
    Thanks for the question. It’s an honest one and a great one!

    It’s my belief that in order to make yourself most valuable in any environment, you start with confidence and faith in yourself. If you truly believe in your own ability and talent, and focus on putting that into play in everything you do, it will shine through. The people around you won’t be able to help but notice.
    Have faith in YOU, and make yourself stand out.

    Now…the standard answer you might get to this question, and it may be what you were expecting, is something like, “You should just be thankful for what you have because there are plenty of people out there without jobs, let alone making $9 an hour”.

    I don’t really think you have to limit yourself in that way. While I definitely believe being thankful for what you DO have is a great start, if you feel that you’re worthy of more than that, and are capable of pursuing something better for yourself, give some serious consideration to looking for other opportunities. A big part of achieving success at high levels has to do with the amount of passion you are investing in what you do.

    Staying positive is great, and I would add to that, consider those things that truly motivate you.

    If you’re passionate about what you do, and you apply yourself, using your own unique talents and abilities, some pretty amazing things can happen.

    Stay in touch.

  3. I have to agree that what you said on having confidence in YOU or YOURSELF! That does shine through. Oh, the cliche’ of “You should just be thankful for what you have because there are plenty of people out there without jobs, let alone making $9 an hour”. I’m almost sick of that as well as the word, “Whatever”. It is used so often in terms of casual conversation. Also, when you think of the meaning behind it, it is often a way to dismiss someone. It is irritating in that regard. Both of those statements are deleted in my vocabulary. I choose positive thoughts and find inspiration in what you have said to me. In time I will be rewarded! Thanks for caring enough to respond and give your advice and inspirational message to a girl who needed it most today.
    -Jackie Paulson

  4. Just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blogger Award and tell you that I really am enjoying your work. I was happy to take the opportunity to pass your blog on to the people that read mine. Keep sharing! Go here to accept the award.

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