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Teaching Kids “The Power of Positive” Part 5

Life is best when we are aware of it.

The awesome responsibility we have as parents, and the lasting impact we can have on the lives of our children are just two of the many miracles that life has to offer us.  To realize them, we simply need to be conscious of them.

Kids are naturally very aware.  They are masters of being “in the moment”.  Maybe this is a lesson that they should be teaching us…

In order for us to help our children become all that they can in this world, we need to make sure that we are present with them in all of their moments.

We have to be careful not to become the parents who are “present” with their kids, but not really “there”.  It’s one of the unfortunate parts of being a busy, important adult…we have so much going on that we just can’t take that extra ten minutes to be part of the tea party, or listen to the book that they are reading, or talk to them about the next, great idea they have.  I would suggest that to not take advantage of these moments, is to miss out on real life.  If you are a parent and you are too busy for your kids, you are totally blowing it. What’s my suggestion?  Get un-busy!

The difference between being around and being involved is staggering.  Chairs, table, and walls; those are the types of things that should be “around” wherever your kids happen to be.  Don’t make mom or dad one of those inanimate objects that provide background ambiance.  You are alive!  There is no reward in all of eternity that will ever forgive you for not taking advantage of the time you have with your children.

Everything that has been discussed to this point in the blog series…teaching kids to love themselves for who they are, allowing them to be confident, discovering their talents with them, being an encouragement, and helping them work hard at their craft…all requires participation.  Involvement.  You have to be there!

There are really only two things you can do with your time; spend it or invest it.

I suggest, as a parent, that you invest it, and that you invest it wisely.

When you really break the whole time thing down, there is truly only one time that any of us exist, one time that we can invest with our kids, and that time is NOW.

Now is the only time that you can ever do anything.  You can think about the past, but it is not returning. You can plan for the future, but by the time it gets here and you can take action, guess what time it is?  It’s now.

Our kids know this instinctively.  They have no boundaries.  In fact, they don’t even start caring what time it is, until the school years begin and we start establish “bath time”, “bed time”, “breakfast time”, etc.

They are able to live in the moments of their lives, creating with their imaginations, laughing, loving, and living.

You need to do the same!  With them.

At risk of sounding like a Hallmark commercial, I’m going to say it this way; don’t let your kids grow up without you.  You will never get the moments back.  They will never be the age they are today ever again. And as they grow, you lose the opportunity to influence them as much as you can now.  It’s not that you can’t have a significant effect on their lives as they get older it’s just that the degree of significance starts to diminish.  They will begin to find more sources of information and inspiration.  They will begin to be influenced by their peers and other people.

The last thing any parent wants is for their child to grow up without confidence or conviction, and to be at the whim of whatever group dynamic they happen to wander into.  We want our kids to be strong, confident, and able to make decisions based on their own belief in themselves, their values, and their sense of worthiness.  They can do this if they have the upbringing that encourages it, and the kind of parents that are constantly an important part of their early lives.

If you will make a commitment to invest the time and energy into your kid’s lives, showing them that you care and letting them know that they are totally significant, it will lead to untold blessings in the future.  If you cultivate this environment, and make the situation as conducive as possible for their advancement, then your children will have the greatest chance to develop into the people that they are suppose to be.

And here’s something else…a little cosmic bonus, if you will…

You will also start to learn from your child.  You will become more actualized as a parent and as a person.  You will be amazed when you take the time to see how their minds work, how they think and reason and how they feel, the types of things that they think are important, and all of the question they have for you.  It is an unbelievable adventure, and you will be a better person for having experienced it.  So don’t miss out on this phenomenal part of your existence.

It’s your life and it’s their life…make sure you’re aware of it, and that you’re there for it.

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