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Talk the Talk

Engage in a meaningful conversation.

TalkingOne of the easiest things for any of us to do is avoid talking to people.  We live in the amazing and wonderful social networking age, which means any of us can have 5,000 buddies without ever having an actual conversation.  Heck, we may not even have to see any of our friends, let alone talk to them!

But this is where many of us are missing out on a truly wonderful part of life.

Today, take the time to start or join a conversation, in person, and really dig into it.  Ask questions, share stories, and lose yourself in the beauty of human interaction.

I’m telling you, a real conversation, between two individuals who can see each other, and are using their actual voices is like a lost art in our current culture.  And I personally think it’s robbing us of some of the best stuff life has to offer!

I remember the conversations that I used to have with my grandpa, before he passed away in 2003.  He was my mother’s dad.  These talks come to mind not because I haven’t spoken to anyone since then, but because they held their own special kind of magic.  What happened with me, when I became vested in the encounters with my grandpa, was that I learned there was a soul inside his body, regardless of how old he had become.  And that soul longed to share experiences and life lessons, and even at his age, still had so much to tell.

My father’s dad is still alive.  And I have the same types of conversations with him, whenever I can.  We get to see him a few times a year, and honestly, that’s not nearly enough.  Inenvitably after a conversation with the man I call “grandad”, I’m left feeling like I just watched a phenomenal series on the History Channel or read the greatest autobiography of all time.      

Couple TalkingHey, how about having a real conversation with your spouse?  Seriously, when was the last time you really, really talked about something important?  Something meaningful?  Something that didn’t in some way involve the hustle and bustle or stress of the daily grind? 

Take the time to get still and look into his or her eyes.  Then talk to each other.  Enage.  Do it for fifteen minutes, if you’re pressed for time.  Although I would bet my last dollar if you really invest in this process, you’ll make more time.  There are few things as miraculous as conjuring up all of the reasons why you fell in love with someone.  You will learn things from each other that you can’t even imagine.  And the amazing thing is, all the life experiences that each of you have been filing away, was happening the entire time you have been together.  You can only begin the process of learning and growing from it when you talk

Talk to a child.  You’ll get some fantastic material.  This will be stuff that will stay with you, and it might even inspire you a bit.  It’s good to be reminded of that amazing little dreamer that still exists inside yourself.  That person who believes in miracles, and knows the biggest miracel of all is that you can be anything you want to be in this lilfe, if you’ll only resolve to follow your heart.

There are reasons why you come equipped like you do.  Without getting myself into trouble or leading down the path of an impromptu anatomy class, I’ll keep it relevant and cut to the chase…

You have a voice so you can talk, and you have ears so you can listen.  They work amazingly well together.

Make sure that you’re having at least one really good conversation every day.  Starting now.

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