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Take Two

Okay, here are 2 things you should start doing every single day.  The payoff for you will far exceed the effort it takes to get started, and if you make these things habits, your life will be more amazing than you thought possible.  They’re simple things, and yet they can add energy and meaning to every single day that you’re around.  How cool does that sound?  It’s true.  Here’s the short list:

1. Laugh

If you only get one thing from this post, make sure it’s this one.  Take the time to laugh every single day. It really is the best medicine.  It’s good for the heart, the head, the soul, and the planet.  It’s nature’s finest natural resource, and it’s totally recyclable.  If you learn how to tap into this super power, you’ll never have a bad day.  Seriously.

Find your favorite comedian on You Tube and watch a couple minutes of video every morning, or tell one of your favorite jokes to someone, so you can both laugh.  Read a comic strip, or just think about something that is hilarious to you, and then laugh about it out loud.  Make sure you feel it.  Laugh so much that you can’t stop laughing.  Make fun of any situation you can, especially the ones that might otherwise be frustrating.

Don’t ever take yourself too seriously.  It’s quite a stress relief to be able to laugh about things.

2. Say something nice to someone

This is a great habit to develop.  It leads to positive interaction and it always make you and the person you’re nice to feel better.  About everything.

Compliment someone on a job well done, or tell them how great they look.  Talk to someone who has inspired you and let them know about it.  Let someone know that someone else said something great about them.  Or just escalate the casual conversation from the typical, “How are you?” to something more meaningful.

Positive exchanges have real staying power.  Those conversations stick with people.  Everyone likes to hear good things, and the positive vibe or karma that you throw out there has an awesome way of coming back to you.

That’s it.  Laugh and be nice.  Make these two things habits and you’ll start feeling better about everything.  It’s a quality of life thing…and it doesn’t get any better than that.

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3 Responses to “Take Two”

  1. Great advice. And, remind yourself that one laugh does not a day make. Find opportunity for guffaws all day long!

  2. avatar Bonnie says:

    Love these two ‘super powers’ Especially the idea of not taking yourself so seriously. I think this one is key to reducing a lot of the over stressed people in the world. Add to that laughter uses a decent amount of calories and it’s like gold!

    Keep on laughing and being nice!

  3. My brother recommended this website to me. He thought I would like it, and he was totally right. This post actually made my day. You cann’t believe how long I have been looking for this kind of information! Thanks!

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