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Take a Second to Become the Best

The BestThe idea of being the best at something will no doubt stir all of us in some way.

Try this little exercise – think about the concept of being the best for a moment – what feelings comes over you or what pictures pop into your head?

I imagine when most people think about being the best, thoughts of Michael Jordan or Oprah Winfrey or Robert DeNiro immediately manifest in their minds and they think something like, “I could never be like them. Well, I could, but only if…(fill in one of 1,001 excuses here).”

It feels pretty intimidating when we start to think about being the best at something, in fact it sort of feels unrealistic or even impossible, doesn’t it?  Most of us just can’t imagine ourselves being the best at anything.

I believe it feels that way because that’s exactly how we have become programmed to think.  For years, our culture, our media, and in many instances our well-meaning friends and family have engrained in us all of the reasons why something can’t be done or why we will never achieve it.

The truth is that the only limitations that exist are the ones that we acknowledge and accept.  I believe this with all of my heart.  Limitations are all self-imposed.  You truly are what you think you are!  Henry Ford was credited with saying that, “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”.  Let that one sink in.

I remember reading a great book a few years ago by Tom Peters called “The Pursuit of Wow”.  If you haven’t read it, pick up a copy.  It is worth the investment.

I was so impressed with the book at the time I read it, that I bought a copy for all of my salespeople and had each of them read it as well.  In subsequent sales meetings, we ended up specifically addressing one chapter in the book about – you guessed it – being the best.  The principle discussed in that chapter is simple and at the same time profound.  It is certainly something that I believe in, and it has helped many whom I have shared the concept with over the years.

Here’s the nutshell version:  It only takes a split second to start the process of becoming the best at anything.  In that split second, you simply make the decision to become the best.  Making that decision is something that can be done any time and anywhere, and…immediately.  The key then becomes spending the rest of your time doing the things that you imagine the person who was the best would do.  Then you do that stuff over and over until it becomes habit. That’s the secret sauce!  It’s that simple.

The wonderful part of this whole thing is that we all have the capacity to be the best at something.  Call it your natural talent, your God-given ability, your mission, your purpose, whatever you want to label it is fine.  The point is, you are truly and ridiculously  passionate about something in particular…and that’s because that something is exactly what you’re suppose to be doing!  When you do it, you feel incredible.  You feel free and you feel purposeful.  As some would say, “you make it look easy”.

Of course, you do have to actually take the time to figure out what that something is.  And, surprisingly enough, the vast majority of people have yet to figure this out.  You may be one of those people…if so, don’t fret or fear…I’m going to talk more about this in future posts – just rest assured, YOU have it, and YOU can be the best at it.  The issue is not really in the “knowing” what it is, because it is innate.  It’s really just about becoming focused on it.

I would strongly suggest giving it some serious thought over the next few days if this is something you’ve never done, and write down what comes to mind.  List the things you love doing.  Think of what makes you feel important.  Write it all down.  You want to start framing your future here – so be serious.  Get away from people…the kids…the dogs…anyone or anything…get quiet and spend some quality time with yourself.  You may be surprised at the results.

Being the best is at first a mindset.  So if you know what your calling is – then get about the business of becoming the best at it.  If you are just starting to process this concept, figure out what it is, and then get started.  It only takes a second.

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