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Sweet Surrender

If you are one of those people that have interest in learning how to manifest your desires and create the life that you believe you are entitled to live, then you probably have at least a couple of lists outlining the necessary steps to achievement.   And, you have no doubt read or heard the phrase “Let go” mentioned as a key part of the manifesting process.  It sounds great, but feels a little funny.

If you have ever struggled with something in your life that seemed too big or overwhelming for you to deal with, and you sought the help of someone else, they probably gave you some stellar sage-like advice that sounded something like this; “Let go and let God”.  Again, it’s catchy, but it most likely left you wondering, how in the heck do I do that?

Letting go.  It’s just not one of those things that any of us seem to be too comfortable with.  And it’s hard to do.

For example, have you ever tried to go through the boxes of memories that you have accumulated over the years?  How easy is it to throw away pictures or souvenirs you have collected?  Even if they have absolutely no value, you haven’t looked at them in 18 years, and when you put them back in the box it will be another 18 years before you look at them again…you still can’t let go.  Or on a more serious note, how about a relationship that was definitely something far less than the best you deserved?  You knew that it was destructive or painful or just way too much work to maintain, but it was still almost impossible to let it go.  Putting something out of our minds, walking away, and surrendering to the unknown are about as unnatural as breathing underwater to us humans.  It’s true.

And so when we hear people, who I’m sure have good hearts and worthy intentions tell us to “Let go”, our insides are saying, “No way”.

As far as manifesting goes, the whole letting go thing seems to be somewhat counter-intuitive.  Most experts will tell you to have a really clear vision of what it is you desire or intend to have happen.  Then, in order to get the process moving, you need to be able to visualize the end result.  And again, you need to be able to do these very, very clearly.  Spending time imagining how it will be and then putting heartfelt emotion into it is the next part of the plan.  And so now you are totally focused on what it is you want, you can feel how it will feel when you have it, and you can think of it in full color and with multiple intricate details.  So what is the final step that makes the magic happen?  Well of course, Let it go!  Or, as my friends in New York City would say, “fuhgeddaboudit”.


You have spent massive amounts of emotional and mental energy to conjure up the absolute perfect scenario which will bring you peace, happiness, and the abundant life you have always wanted, you’ve started to get so excited about it that you have trouble sleeping on some nights….and now you have to just “let it go”?

Sounds harsh doesn’t it?

And the whole “let go and let God” thing is even worse.

How annoying is it when some peppy little do-good person who doesn’t seem to have any drama in their lives outside of deciding which shoes to wear to the end of the year church gala, comes up and tells you that in order for your burden to be lifted, (you know, the one that has you stressed out to the max, developing ulcers, causing friction in your marriage, and giving you heart palpitations) you just need to, “let it go and let God take over”?   I almost wanted to yell out as I was writing that.

Surrendering to the Higher Power is tough.  Giving up the control and having faith that your greatest good will be accomplished is definitely not for the faint of heart.  It takes guts, determination, and unwavering faith.  And it is also the right thing to do.  Always.

I think that the part which makes it all so frustrating, aside from the church lady (I know you pictured Dana Carvey), is that no one really explains how letting go of something works.  If there is one major flaw that exists today in both the self-help genre and the world of religion, it is this;  the people we look to for answers make everything sound like it should be really, really easy.  And, truthfully, none of it is!  If it were easy, then the shelves at Barnes & Noble wouldn’t be lined with rows and rows of books and audio material on how to be a better this, and how to be a more successful that, how to make money while you sleep, how to become a billionaire in two weeks using nothing but a pencil and your cell phone, how to think positive, how to be positive, how to get more chicks, and, well, you get the idea…and of course the church pews wouldn’t be filled with thousands of folks searching for the quickest, best, and most convenient way out of their miserable lives, either.

So how does it work?

Letting go of anything is not to say that you forget about it entirely.  That would be as silly as it is unlikely.  Letting go has a lot more to do with you not thinking about how the particulars of the situation will come together.  That’s up to God, the Universe, your Higher Self, or whichever name you give the creative force which sustains all of us.  Quite simply, it’s not your job to figure it out…it’s just your job to believe it will be.

It’s also about not worrying. Letting go at the core is about taking the pressure off of yourself.  There are things happening in and around your life that you simply don’t have control over, and if you insist upon carrying the responsibility for all of it, your head might explode.  It isn’t about being irresponsible, it’s about being honest and accepting your role.  You will be inspired to do some things, but not until you make the conscious decision to let go of the burden, believe that the greatest good will be accomplished in Divine time, and move forward working on the things that you do have control over.

Giving your burden over to God is basically acknowledging that you don’t have the answers right now.  If you did, you would not have the burden.  Make sense?  In other words, you would already have figured a way out of the mess you’re in, if you knew how to get out of it using your own free will and available resources.  You simply can’t see the big picture, and that’s okay.  Again, not your job.  But the really important part of surrendering is to believe that the Higher Source can accomplish anything.  Nothing is impossible!  And it can use unlimited resources and the free will of any number of people necessary to accomplish it.   It is absolutely true what the Bible tells us in Mark 9:23, “All things are possible to him who believes” (New American Standard Bible).

Now, the question of how much a person has to believe is the next issue that comes up in the natural progression of thought.

While there isn’t a formula for belief that applies to everyone across the board, I think that you will know in your own heart what you believe and how strongly you believe it by taking a look at your actions.  For instance – if you truly believe that you will be out of debt and enjoy a life of freedom from financial burdens, then you will start doing the things within your means to make this happen.  You may actively pursue a job, you may go to school for additional training, you may decide to follow your heart and do something that you never had the courage to try before, but one way or another you will take action.  And that action will lead you to more action.  You will meet people that you need to meet, find books that you need to read, and all of the stuff that was out of your control will start to work for you instead of against you.  That’s the beauty of “letting go”.  What you won’t do is sit around eating Cheetos and watching I Love Lucy reruns on TV…unless of course you never believed in what you said you did in the first place.

Experiencing your peaceful and abundant life is what you were meant to do!  You are not here to be miserable, sick, broke, or depressed.  And if you will allow yourself to let go, you can put yourself on the path leading to your greatest good.

It’s hard to do, yes.  It takes a focused and purposeful effort and it takes time.  However, when you compare it to the frustration, stress, depression and agony that you will experience if you try to go it alone, it actually does start to seem almost simple.   And at the absolute least, it is wise.

Hey, maybe those gurus are right after all…

Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “Sweet Surrender”

  1. avatar marcy says:

    I think the things that you mention are absolutely true, and I am talking from personal experience.
    I consider myself today peaceful, happy the way my life is going, financially independent taking care of myself and my family on my own, but I couldn’t have achieved that if I didn’t learn how to let go of my past, my doubts, my broken hearted-relationships and false hopes. God helps those who help themselves, so I learned how to focus on my goals and take positive measures to achieve them. It wasn’t overnight, it took time, but it was productive, slowly but surely, using self confidence and tenacity.

  2. avatar joao gomes says:

    Thank you very much for this article. It is so important for me now, and I am trying to do my best.

  3. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Marcy –

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I appreciate you being here and I’m very happy to hear that you are in such a good place now. And you are right, it really takes effort and patience. And it always worth it!

    Take care

  4. avatar Rachel says:

    It’s awesome. I totally agree with you…this article is absolutely right. Letting go in life is tough. Following your heart/gut feeling sometimes makes you rethink if you are right, or which way to choose…if the feeling is not right or the faith is not there, it may appear to us in a dream…that’s God showing us some light!


  5. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Joao – I’m so glad to hear that this post came at the right time for you! It definitely takes faith and persistence. I encourage you to keep moving forward and believing!

    Rachel – Thank you for the kind words. And I do think that there are times we get a gentle nudge from God, whether through dreams, visions, or from other people our lives. And we should pay attention to those!

    All the best

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