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Sunday Blues

I’m sure you’ve had them.  Most of us have at one point or another in our lives.  In fact, unless you’ve never been part of the Monday through Friday, nine-to-five crowd, I guarantee you’ve felt their sting and waded through their murky waters.

I’m talking about the Sunday Blues.

They typically hit someone around four o’clock in the afternoon on any given Sunday and they can last all night unless the person experiencing them can manage to sneak in some shut eye.  That’s not always the case.  The Sunday Blues have been known to claim many a full night’s sleep.

The stress and pressure of having to start another week doing a job that you don’t enjoy can be a bit overwhelming.  In fact, it turns what used to be a nice, relaxing two and a half day weekend into a sliver of its former self, lasting only from Friday night through Sunday morning.  And sometimes, if you’re tired enough from the work week…you don’t even get Friday night.  Yes, it’s pretty ugly.

So how does a person deal with the Sunday Blues?

As far as I know there are only a couple of cures, and neither of them comes without sacrifice.

The first known way to conquer the Sunday Blues is to seek out something that you are passionate about and start doing that instead of whatever it is that’s driving you into a raving lunatic who has lost all sense of the freedom of real life.   The toughest part of this solution is that it may require you to stay busy with your current gig as you work slowly and methodically on whatever it is you really want to do for a living.  This requires extreme commitment and a willingness to not surrender until you are doing what you love and enjoying every day as if it were Saturday afternoon.  There are a ton of posts on this site which can serve as resources to help you get there, but the first step is definitely to figure out what it is you would do, if you could in fact do anything.  Start there.  Then you need to pursue that as passionately as you can, working within the parameters of your current situation.  The pay off for this effort will be a life worth living.

The other way to attack the Sunday Blues is to work on yourself from the inside, and learn to love whatever it is you are currently doing.  I don’t really recommend this, unless what you are currently doing is something that you were passionate about at one time.  It may be a case of way too much focus on the negative, and a sort of self-removal from all of the wonderful things that made the job attractive to you in the first place.  This is something that is worth pursuing if you can sit down and honestly create a list of things that you could love about your job, excluding “lunch” and “break time”.   As mentioned, there is a possibility that you have strayed from the parts of the job that you really dig, and have become buried under the other stuff that makes your head hurt.

The first cure is the more desirable one and the one that has the greatest impact on your long term future.

The big moment for you in your life will come when you decide you’re tired of getting those stomach aches on Sunday afternoon, or you realize you’re not there in the fullest sense for the people you care about because you’ve become totally preoccupied with the drudgery of Monday morning.  Any time you get to a point in your life where you have had enough of the direction it is taking you, you have the opportunity to change it.

Figure out what really makes you tick and start exploring and researching ways to get started doing that for a living.

After all, it’s your life.  And living it to the fullest is always what you should be doing.

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