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Stop, Drop and Roll

If you ever happen to find yourself on fire, the stop, drop and roll technique could definitely save your life.  You probably learned it as a kid, and hopefully you’ve never had to use it.  Basically, in the midst of that awful scenario, you would stop where you were, drop to the ground and roll over as many times as it took to extinguish the flames.

Great advice for a really lousy situation.

Thankfully, not many of us ever have to experience the torment of being on fire, but in these difficult times, there is another kind of torment that far too many people are experiencing.

If your life is not what you want it to be as you’re reading this, then you’re in that other kind of lousy situation.  You may have lost your job, or your house, or perhaps you are struggling to figure out what it is you want to become.  Or you may not have experienced anything that harsh, but you do feel burnt out, tired, and seem to have a perpetual case of the “blahs”.   Whatever the specifics are, the bottom line is that you are not living your passion, you are not following you heart, and you are not experiencing the abundant life in all areas to the degree that you should be.

While the situation you are in may not compare with the outward physical damage flames can do, you and I both know that inwardly it can be just as painful, leave as many terrible scars, and ultimately destroy you at your essence.

So what in the heck are you suppose to do?

Here’s what I think…I believe that the stop, drop and roll technique, applied slightly differently, is exactly what you need to change everything.  You just have to remember to do it.

First, STOP.

Stop right where you are, and start taking responsibility for your life.  You have to own up to the circumstances that exist around you if you ever hope to change them.  Now, I would never suggest to anyone that they consciously bring bad things on themselves, but you are in the place you are today in a large part because of your own decisions.  It’s a little bit of a smack in the face to think this way, but the shift in perspective will actually lift weight from your shoulders and put you in control of your future.

I can tell you that the major benefit of taking full responsibility for your life is well worth the price of having to swallow a little pride.

And the major benefit is this: YOU can do something about your circumstance.  And I would even take it a step further and say, not only can you do something about it, you can do everything about it.

You see, when you blame others, or the economy, or God, or the politicians, or “bad luck” for own your circumstances, then you give the power of those circumstances and all of the control to change those circumstances to entities that are out of your control.  In other words, if the economy is the reason that you are suffering, it is likely that things won’t change for you until the economy changes.  You are powerless.

If, however, you recognize that you have control over yourself, then you can begin to directly effect your own life by taking steps that make sense for you.  And there’s a kicker…no one else will ever do this for you.  No one else knows exactly what makes you tick.  And you probably have dreams that you have never shared with anyone.  So if no one else knows, and no one else can do anything about it even if they did…what are you waiting for?  STOP, and embrace your responsibility.

Next, DROP.

Drop the negative self-talk, the limited thinking, the bitterness, the hatred, the jealousy, and all of those things that do not serve your greater good.

Here’s a point to ponder.  When you hate someone, who is it that feels that hatred?  Think about it.  The answer is YOU.  The person that you hate doesn’t lose sleep over it, they don’t walk around with a knot in their stomach, or a headache, or take the feeling out on the people around them.  But you do.  Hatred is like a debilitating disease.  The more you hate, the more you deteriorate as a person.  And it’s the same with jealousy, or envy, or bitterness, or any other negative feeling.

As far as negative self talk goes, you could put yourself on a completely different path in your life if you would stop beating yourself down.  Take a moment to think about all the times you utter things under your breath to yourself that are not flattering.  Things like, “Oh, that was stupid!”, “I can’t believe I’m such an idiot!”, “I don’t know what to do”, “I’ll never figure that out”, “What a dummy I am”, “This sucks”, or “I’m sick of this!”.  You may be able to think of many others, or you may have personal variations of these…I was only using some of my greatest hits from the past…

The point is you need to DROP it!  Quit!  YES, I’m telling you to quit something.  Quit beating yourself up!  Stop talking trash to yourself.  It is quietly and subconsciously destroying your confidence and your belief that you are worthy and capable.  And that kind of thing is what brings about lousy results in your life.

And finally, ROLL.

As in, “let’s roll!”

You have taken responsibility for your life, you have eliminated the negativity that existed, some of it without you even realizing it, and now you are ready to roll out and make the positive happen!  You are in a position to do the things that you feel you should do, deep down inside.  You have to follow your instinct.

Nothing ever gets accomplished by you sitting around and waiting for it to happen.  So, get off your inspiration and DO something!  The greatest of life’s treasures are found only by those who are seeking.  Yes, I just made that up…but I believe it to be true.  You have to realize that one of your greatest responsibilities in this world is to make sure that you are achieving all that you are capable of.  Only when you are using all of your talent, and sharing all of your gifts, will life give back to you all of it’s blessings.

If you’re ready to live with passion, and rekindle the inner “fire”…then take action right now, and show the rest of the world how you ROLL.  The sooner that you get started, the sooner that you will achieve something extraordinary.

The “doing” part of this formula is often where people become discouraged.  After all, if you have experienced some of the hardships mentioned above, you may feel pretty uninspired.  That’s why the first two parts of the formula are so key to you, though.  You have to understand that it is YOU that has control, and you need to remove as much of the limitation from your mind as possible.  Then, you will see much clearer the steps that you need to take.  They won’t necessarily require a monetary investment, so don’t become distracted by that concern.  Usually, once you are in line with your purpose, the people and resources and knowledge that you need become available to you in ways that you wouldn’t have even imagined.  It’s really quite miraculous.  But you have to be in that place, before any of it will start to unfold.  Your willingness and faith and persistence will light the path…

Remember to stop, drop and roll and you’ll be well on your way.

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2 Responses to “Stop, Drop and Roll”

  1. avatar Barb Booton says:

    Very inspirational. I needed that. Thanks.

  2. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Barb – Thanks so much for reading and commenting, I’m so glad that it was what you needed!
    Have a great week.

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