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Starting Point

I was having a great conversation the other day with someone about achieving success at a very high level in life.

We talked about the diversity of all the people who have achieved mammoth success in this life.  Some have been college grads and other dropped out of high school; some have been women and some have been men;  some have come from money and some from poverty.  Indeed if you go digging, you’ll find that there aren’t many similarities on the surface when you start to compare the successful people throughout history.

There are a couple of really important commonalities however, and they are worthy of your attention.

One, and the one that I think should resonate with you if you are serious about achieving the best you can in life, is that they never quit.  They refused to accept permanent defeat and they just kept going until they reached their goal.  It’s like the nutshell version of all of the success principles rolled into one little two-word phrase.  Don’t quit.

The other one is the one that precedes the persistence of the successful , it’s the one that puts it all in motion.  And it is simply this: They got started.

They made a decision and they began.  Another way of putting it is that they took action in the present moment.

If you’re serious about wanting to live the best version of your life…if you want to be as successful as you can possibly imagine…then it’s time to get started.

You may dream of being rich, living in abundance, finding your soulmate, being in optimum health, having the freedom to do what you want, or maybe all of these things.  And truthfully, you CAN have it all!  But whatever your biggest dreams are, they have no shot of becoming your reality if you never get started.

As mentioned, there have been all types of people who have become wildly successful in life, and they all started at varying levels of experience, education, financial stability or lack thereof, etc.  So the obvious question becomes, “Why not you?”

Seriously, and I mean this is the most positive and constructive way possible…What are you waiting for?

Your best life is out there…it’s possible…you can achieve it.  But, and this is a big butt, you HAVE to get STARTED!

My passion is to  help others achieve success.  If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know this.  If you receive the “Inspiration in your Inbox” e-mails from me each week, then you REALLY know it!  So here’s the thing:  I recently wrote a book called Habitual Victory: The Truth About Achieving Success, Finding Happiness, and Living the Life of Your Dreams, and I wrote it precisely because, as I see it, the biggest obstacle to achieving success in almost everyone’s life is the lack of understanding in how to get started.

It’s usually the hardest part.  In fact, it usually ends up being the impossible part, since there are so many who never even do it.

My goal was to write what I believed would be an important and potentially life changing book, even in its simplicity, so that I could help as many people as possible get through the toughest part of any formula for success.  Getting started.

If you’ve seen the movie “The Secret” or read books like Think And Grow Rich, then you already have the knowledge and you already have the answers.  The most amazing thing is, whether or not you have read the books, been to the seminars, or seen the movies, you have always had the answers.  A little guidance as to how to practically put the knowledge into play is really the key that will unlock your potential.

I also know that it’s difficult to get started because so many of us are currently operating from a less than desirable place in our lives.  Many are without jobs, without homes, in financial distress, worried, behind on bills, struggling to make ends meet, in the worst physical shapes of their lives, alone without a partner to lean on, and lacking the confidence or faith that anything can or will change.

The book lays out the formula for success, and it can be applied no matter where you are starting from.  It doesn’t matter what situation you find yourself in right now, because that has nothing to do with how you will get where you are going.

At the risk of sounding like almost everyone else you’ve ever heard who talks about achieving success in your life, I will tell you that, your reality can and will begin to change for you once you get started and understand how to apply the principles that will take you over the top in all areas of your life.

I wrote the book to be used as a reference also, because after beginning, you will need guidance in order to stay focused on where you are going.  And the one thing I would never want to do to anybody who had the courage to get started on the road to living their greatest life, is leave them hanging…

Just so you know how important that part of it is to me, I’m currently working on putting together what I know will be the most effective and valuable coaching program available to anyone.  I’m confident of this, because the program is being built, in large part, based on the needs and challenges of real people like you.  I’m very excited about the opportunities that

Here is the link where you can get the book: Habitual Victory @ Amazon. I encourage you to read this book, not just because I wrote it, but because I believe it could be the missing link between you and your absolute best life.  The instruction manual that will take you to the next level and the level beyond that if you will simply make the decision to start and apply the information it contains.

Also, I talked to some really wise, wonderful, talented and successful people while researching the book, and their words are included for you in there as well.  I guess I should tell you, those people are Randy Gage, Pat O’Bryan, Dr. Larina Kase, and Eric Farewell.  There’s even a section where I interviewed the man they call The Big Possum.

I ask you again, with all due respect, what are you waiting for?  Time that is not invested is time that is lost and wasted.  Get started right now and make it happen!

If you have suggestions for the coaching program or feel that you really could start to change your life in a positive way, if only you could eliminate certain obstacles or challenges you’re dealing with, let me hear about it.  You can send your e-mail to

Here’s to you and the start of something absolutely amazing!

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