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You know that project that you keep putting off and haven’t started yet?  Start.

And that new program, whether it be a fitness routine or change in lifestyle of some sort…begin today.

The goal you want to reach, the success you want to attain, the idea you have for something big; stop procrastinating and start making things happen!

Just do it.  Do something.  Get moving.  Start!

StartA good plan executed today is far better than a perfect plan never executed.  Whatever it is you happen to be waiting for that perfect time to begin, I have some sobering news for you; the time will never be perfect.  You’ll never have enough money to support the child you’re thinking of having, you’ll never have enough certainty to take that risk you’ve been considering, you’ll never have enough confidence to have that conversation without feeling some sort of anxiety or nervousness.  It just isn’t going to happen.  Things don’t come on a silver platter, with all the kinks worked out, and in such a way that you only have to sit and wait for the magic to happen by itself.

The magic happens when you start.

The biggest and most important step you can take toward anything in life is the first one.  You have to start somewhere and you have to start sometime.  The where is wherever you happen to be right now, and the time is always the present.  The now is the only time you’re alive and the only time you can take action.  Who knows how many more of these nows you’re even going to get in life…my best advice is to take advantage of the one that’s happening today.

Nothing in your life will begin to change until you take some action.  You’ve heard me talk about inspired action and massive action, you’ve probably read about these and heard many others reference them as well.  Inspiration is what reveals the spark, action is what starts the fire.  Massive action gets things moving even quicker.  Crazy, inspired, massive, focused action will really set things in motion.  The key to it all is in the doing.  Thinking, dreaming, imagining, and formulating are all invaluable tools in the process of achieving great success in life.  But much as that expensive set of tools that sit in the garage and collect dust don’t get you any closer to building or fixing anything, these tools of the mind, if left dormant,  are equally as useless.

I tell people that knowledge is not power.  And it’s not.  Only when knowledge is applied does it become powerful.  And only when your dreams and desires are acted upon will they start to become attainable and part of your physical reality.

Napoleon Hill is credited with saying, “Do not wait; the time will never be just right.  Start where you stand and work with whatever tools you may have at your command.  Better tools will be found as you go along”

He was right.

You don’t have all the answers or resources yet.  But they will be revealed to you as you go.  The great news is that you don’t need all of the answers or resources to begin.  You only need to begin.

Remember the movie “Field of Dreams” and the famous words from beyond the corn field?  “If you build it, he will come”  Among other things, that movie was about faith and trust in a process that you can’t fully see or don’t completely understand.  And then having the courage and commitment to begin that process, in spite of great odds or what other people might say to you along the way.  It was about understanding that your vision is of extreme value to you,  and that the journey is yours, if you will only take the first step.  Then find within yourself the determination to keep going, and not surrender until success is achieved.  Failures and setbacks will be part of the pilgrimage, but don’t stop.  Pick yourself up, learn the lessons, and keep moving forward.

First though, begin at the beginning.  And so for today…start.


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