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Resolution Solution

Okay, we’re five days into 2011…how are you doing?  Have half of your resolutions become back burner priorities already?

Seriously, isn’t this like the 12th year in a row you’ve resolved to do the same things?  And the 12th year in a row that you haven’t started on any of them yet?

Last post I mentioned that a resolution made without an accompanying plan of action and commitment to develop new successful habits was pretty much just wishful thinking.  And it’s absolutely true.

A resolution, by definition is simply an intention.  When you “make” a New Year’s resolution, you are stating your intention.  It seems like a pretty powerful gesture, right?  Especially after a couple glasses of bubbly…

The thing is, without the determination to change some of your habits and raise your standard of living, the intention is rendered meaningless.  And much like the hangover that follows a festive New Year celebration, it eventually wears off and you forget all about it.  Until next December 31st.

Change only happens when we, as individuals, take the initiative to change.  We can’t lose the extra ten pounds, start the online business, be a better parent, stop smoking, or anything else we say we want to do, unless and until we are committed to altering our habits.  We have to raise the level of expectation and become the person who really would lose the extra ten pounds, start the online business, etc.

Think about it; if achieving your goals was as simple as writing them down on a piece of paper or pinky-swearing that you were going to make them happen, this wouldn’t be the 12th year in a row you have the same list of resolutions.  At the very least, by some cosmic process of osmosis, it would have already happened to you and you would be onto a new list!

In order to accomplish anything above and beyond what you have accomplished to this point in your life, you have to grow as a person and you have to raise the bar of personal expectation.  This requires a lot more than simply jotting down goals on a 3×5 card and taping them to your bathroom mirror.  It requires serious resolve and a willingness to do whatever it takes.

So if your goal is to drop some weight, you have to be willing to replace some of your current habits with ones that would allow you to lose some flab.  Examples of some new habits might be: walking the dog every night, using the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator, and drinking three big glass of water every day.  The changes don’t have to be earth-shattering to work.  However they do have to be real and you do have to commit to them.  Those three changes alone could be all you need to lose the weight that’s bothering you, have more energy, and feel awesome about yourself.  Wouldn’t that be worth it?

The change is what takes you to the next plateau in your life.  Remember, expecting a different result when you continue to do the same things is pure insanity!

It’s when your goal becomes something that consumes you, and you will not allow yourself to accept anything less than total achievement, that you’ll find the ways to get it done.

So how about making your one big resolution this year getting serious about the changes you want to make, the goals you want to reach, and the lifestyle you want to achieve?  If that sounds like the solution you’ve been looking for, then do it!

Happy New Year.

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