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Remember to Reboot

Here’s a tip that will serve you well all of your days.  When you’re tired…rest!

Chill.  Take a nap.  Sit with your feet up.  Exhale.  Just make sure you get some rest once in a while.

napAs good as it is for you to stay active, it’s just as good to make sure that your body and mind get some relaxation every now and then.

It’s a fast-paced life and it’s an I-want-it-now culture, so I know it’s not easy to even think about slowing down, let alone to actually do it.  But it will greatly benefit you to become conscious of your need to recharge.  Stop for a second, and remember to relax.  For your sanity, your health, your ultimate endurance and your quality of life.

It feels good to be busy, and when you’re making progress or accomplishing things, you probably don’t want to stop.  And that’s not always a bad thing.  Effort and focus is what it takes to achieve anything worth achieving.  However, riding yourself to the very last drop of your creative juices or the last ounce of your physical strength can end up doing more harm than good in the long run.

You’ve probably experienced how smooth your computer runs after a timely reboot.  That’s exactly what a power nap, 20 minutes of meditation, or just getting still for a few minutes can do for you.

It can be as easy as sipping on a tall glass of water while you close your eyes and soak up the sounds of the great outdoors.  Or, if you really want to charge the batteries, shut the doors, windows, blinds, turn off the cell phone, hide the clocks and take it to dreamland.  No matter how you do it, you’ll feel better, and ultimately you’ll be more productive.

Just like losing is part of winning, and failure is part of success, resting the mind and body is a crucial part of keeping you as efficient and active for as long as possible in this crazy world.

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