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I was speaking to a group of sales professionals the other day and I let them in on a little secret.

The topic was the toughest sales job they will ever have.  It involved the most difficult prospect that they would ever have to persuade.

And I also wanted them to know that once they were able to convince and sell this very specific person and convert them to their way of thinking, they would have a loyal customer for life.  And a customer that would lead them to unbridled success.

The little secret that I shared with them and which I will also now share with you is this:  The toughest person you will ever have to sell is yourself!

I have a little saying…

YOU are already exceptional.  You just have to convince yourself.

You see, most of us do not yet have the confidence that we can accomplish anything we want to.  Most of us still surrender to limitation on a daily basis.

We don’t have to.  But we do.  We haven’t been shown the features and benefits that we possess within ourselves, and in spades.

You’ve also heard me say before that limitations are like the Boogeyman…they only exist if you believe they do.  And nothing could be truer.  Or sadder.

The only limitations in your life right now are the ones you have acknowledged.  You give them life by continuing to believe in them.

Henry Ford was right on when he said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way, you are right”

I’m telling you, once you are able to sell yourself on the truth, you can accomplish anything you want to accomplish in this life.  And nothing or no one can sway you from achieving even your most daring dreams.  Guaranteed!

Think about any or all of the success stories you have heard in your life.  They could be about people who achieved great milestones, athletes who won great events or championships, scientists who invented great things or just anyone who has ever exceeded at an exceptional level in any walk of life.

All of their stories seem to have an amazingly similar theme.  And you hear them say things like the following:

“All of my life I was told I couldn’t do it”.  “People said that I was crazy for even trying”.  “They told me I was too slow”.  “My family and friends said I would never amount to anything”.

You get the idea, right?

Almost all of the wildly successful people throughout history have been confronted with a whole bunch of other people who constantly gave them all of the reasons why they couldn’t succeed, warned them about the let down they would have once they failed, and gave them more than enough opportunities to simply quit.

But that didn’t seem to matter.  And that’s the secret…

The reason it didn’t matter was because all of those people that have succeeded knew they were going to succeed.  And all of the people to this very day who are going to be successful already know it, too!  They have already convinced themselves that they will accomplish their goal and nothing that anyone can say to them will change that.

So why is it that we seem to be thrown off track by the negative  so often?  Simple.  We don’t believe in ourselves.

When we make a bold statement about something we are going to accomplish, but haven’t truly sold ourselves on the idea…the naysayers are merely confirming back to us what our subconscious already knows…we’re not going to do it. We’re not talented enough, not rich enough, not smart enough, or whatever the excuse happens to be.  We simply haven’t been sold on our own worthiness and ability to achieve.  And so it’s almost like throwing it out to the masses so they can just let us off the hook.  They take the pressure off of us even having to try.  They save us from what we perceive to be certain and total inevitable failure.

What a shame.

I won’t ever tell you that it’s easy to develop the kind of faith in yourself that allows you to conquer your fears and live a life of passion…but I will tell you that if you are willing and open to the idea, you can make it your reality.

Once you have been persuaded by yourself that you are awesome, and once you truly believe that you cannot be stopped from achieving your dreams, goals and desires, it’s a done deal.  At that point it just becomes a matter of time.  You WILL become a success in whatever area you choose.  And no one else can say or do anything to prevent it.

But you have to sell yourself.

Like I told the pros the other day, if you close that deal, your prize will be living your ultimate life.  All the time.  Meeting adjourned.

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