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Real Life Perception

Perception is reality.

You’ve probably hear that many times.  I know I have.  It took a while to really register with me, though.  How about you?

It’s a pretty deep concept, this whole notion that we are what we think we are, that we can do what we think we can do, and that we are happy to the degree that we can… happy.  But it is a concept worthy of our attention.  And certainly worthy of attainment.

The culture that we live in, particularly in America, screams at us that in order to be happy we have to possess things.  It tells us that we need a really big house, an expensive car, fancy furniture, a pool with a flowing rock waterfall, the most trendy clothes, and stuff like that.  And if we have those things, we’ll be happy.  We’ll be really happy if we have nicer, better, and bigger stuff than anyone around us…

Unfortunately, if that is where we place the value, then the degree of happiness we will experience in our lives will always be in relation to how much more stuff we have than the next person.  You know, as long as our car is bigger and nicer, or at least faster and shinier, then we’ll be happy.  But, as soon as the square footage of our home becomes less than that of all of our wonderful friends, we start to feel a little less worthy.  And then unhappy.

It almost seems like some great mystery to us when we run across someone who is always smiling and content, when they don’t seem to have any of the things that we would consider to be of great material worth.  It’s easy for us to explain the happy person in the BMW, but not so much the dude in the Volkswagen.  It’s like we can’t fathom how the woman down the street who doesn’t have the time share in Bermuda is always telling us about how great her life is.  How can this be??

Now, I don’t want to sound like I’m saying that in order to be happy you have to be poor, or have a small house, or have no nice clothes…I’m not trying to go there at all.  That’s kinda stupid.  There is nothing wonderful about a lack of anything.  In fact, another of the great mysteries of our time is how so many people relate being poor with being spiritual, and being rich with being evil.  Like I said, kinda stupid.  There is nothing noble or virtuous about having to feed your kids macaroni and cheese every night.  Just like there is nothing wicked or dastardly about buying those same kids matching jet skis to take to the lake every weekend.

Abundance in life is available to all of us.  And abundance in all areas of our lives is what we are meant to experience.  The thing is, we need to shift our perception of what it means to be abundant, and once we get that part of it, then the rest of it will flow to us effortlessly.

It’s like the more we try to obtain happiness, the more it avoids us.  The harder we work to acquire peace of mind, the more stressful our lives become.  The more we strain to be content, the more we find things about our lives that we don’t like.  It can be pretty frustrating when you’re always chasing the next rainbow or greener patch of grass…

And the reason that it feels that way is because the real value in life is not something we can buy.  It is freely available to all.  It is a gift, that we only need to receive.

You see, true happiness comes from within us.

We can be happy and content and thankful for our lives, and we can do this at any time.  You can start today, if you’re not there already.  The sooner you get this principle and start living by it, the sooner you will begin to experience how wonderful lie really is.  Get happy and see what I’m talking about.

We really seem to have the whole happiness/abundance thing backwards.

Life operates very smoothly with certain universal principles.  There are not enough physical items in the entire world to create happiness.  Just like there is no lack of capacity to be happy that resides within you.  One of the beautiful principles that works around us on a constant basis is this; if you make the conscious decision to be happy, and you act happy, and you are happy, then you will start to acquire all of the stuff that you need, and which will keep you in that state of happiness.  That might be the big house by the lake, or the turbo sports car, or the business that makes you so much money you don’t even know what to do with it…but the happiness has to come first.

It’s just a slight shift in perception. But it makes a major difference in the quality of your life.  And becomes your reality.

If you want more to be thankful for, then start being thankful for everything you do have.  If you want more to get excited about, then get excited about something every single day.  That’s the magic formula.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get every single thing that you are thinking you need to make you happy.  You might find, once you are in the state of thankfulness and are grateful for the blessing around you, that there is a whole bunch of other things that make you feel wonderful.  In that sense, it’s like a surprise party.  All you have to do is be yourself and go about your business, and then BAM!  Everybody jumps out, scares the heck out of you, and you get a bunch of presents and cake.  Well…something like that…

The surprise is actually how truly wonderful your life can be once you see how wonderful it already is.

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