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Ready, Set, Now Let Go!

Letting go is such sweet sorrow.  Yes, that’s mine.  Thanks, Bill Shakespeare.

But seriously, one of the toughest things to do as you seek to improve yourself,  is to embrace this concept of letting go in order to really start achieving and receiving in your life.  And what’s even harder than buying into the idea, is actually letting go.

One distinction that can be made, which may at least help you start to define letting go, as you work to wrap your mind around the whole concept is that letting go is not forgetting about or losing faith in your end goal.  Letting go is much more about understanding that the way things ultimately and specifically get done is not really up to any of us.  And by attaching ourselves to the blue print, we end up stirring the pot of perfect ingredients that are necessary for your perfect results to play out.

Let me put it another way.  What most of us do is pay way too much attention to how and when we think we should accomplish our goals or reap the rewards of our effort.  And what is critical to the whole process of achieving success or manifesting great things is to understand that the what and the why are really the elements that are in our domain, and the ones we should direct all of our focus and energy toward.  Clarity of purpose and the benefits your ultimate goal offers to you, as well as the people you care most about, are what you should be focusing on like a laser beam.  I wrote more about this in the post “What, Why, When and How”.

You will, of course, take action steps and move toward your goal in the ways that make the most sense to you in order to move yourself closer.  But stay focused on the end result and not how or when it all comes together.  That’s letting go.  Here’s an excerpt from my last book, which breaks it down a little more and will hopefully be impactful to you in a significant and meaningful way.  Cheers!

-from Habitual Victory: The Truth About Achieving Success, Finding Happiness and Living the Life of Your Dreams

“Letting go of your desire is definitely not the same as forgetting about it.  This may sound elementary, but it is an important distinction to make.  It’s not likely that you would be able to forget about it anyway, it is a burning desire and your ultimate goal…but remember that you’re not trying to put it out of your mind.

I have a better example of how the “letting go” part of the formula works, and while I’m describing it, I’ll show you the similarities this imaginary circumstance has to the entire process, so that all of it starts to become even more clear and meaningful for you.

Okay…let’s say that you have booked a fabulous vacation to a wonderful exotic island with crystal clear blue water only a stones’ throw from your deluxe beach suite, and you leave in five weeks.

If you’re a parent, maybe you imagine Disneyworld.  Wait, on a second thought, if you’re a parent, go with the vision of the deluxe beach suite…

Now, when you first book this vacation, it is exactly like the first step of this entire formula.  Coming up with the one thing that you truly want to achieve, and making sure that you are totally clear about it is exactly like making the reservations for your exotic trip.  So, you’re booked…you’re all in…the universe has heard you.  (Oh, and you’re not even close to thinking about where you don’t want to go on vacation, right?)

Next, you start believing that you totally deserve this trip.  Sound familiar? I mean you are completely worthy of this vacation, and so much so that you feel like you can’t wait to get there!  And you know something?  You do deserve it.  Because you are YOU!

Without question at this point, you have the faith and the belief that it is going to come to pass, because you’ve invested your hard earned dough and the resort has assured you that the tickets are in the mail!  So now, you act on that faith, and you go out and buy a bunch of new stuff; new shoes, new sunglasses, new shirts, shorts, belts, sandals, beach towels, sun block, a crazy hat, a new digital camera, etc.  You really get out there and do some shopping based entirely on the fact that you are going to be soaking up the rays, sipping cocktails in the sand, and feeling like the king or queen of the world in just a few short weeks.  Yeah, baby!  You have acted on your faith with inspired action, just like the fourth step in the success formula.

Finally, it’s time to allow the trip to happen.  So how do you do this?  You just let go and enjoy the ride, that’s how.  You don’t need to stress out about it.

That doesn’t mean you don’t think about it.  In fact, I would say that you should definitely think about it from time to time, and get that feeling of what it will be like when you’re there.  Picture it, smell the ocean, taste the shrimp from the grill, feel the breeze in your hair.  Pretty cool, eh?  The more times you can imagine this, the better you are going to feel about the waiting, right?

Letting go is about releasing worry and putting your trust in the higher power that brings everything together.  You don’t forget about it, you just find peace knowing that it will all work out.

So once you decide what you want to achieve in your life, and you get very clear, you know that you are completely deserving, you have faith that it will come to pass and you are taking all of the inspired action that you know how to take…it’s time to let go and be ready to receive the abundance of the universe.

That is precisely how it works.

If you can do this with discipline and with desire, you will eventually get to your version of that exotic vacation in your real life.

The formula never fails.”


Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “Ready, Set, Now Let Go!”

  1. avatar Kifayat says:

    Hi Mike, sometimes letting go is hard because once you’ve done that it seems you are no longer in control. You however hit the nail on the head when you said releasing your trust and worry to God (in my case) makes all the difference because that brings everything together. Very nice read.

  2. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Kifayat –
    I think you’re exactly right! It’s very hard for any of us to do because when we let go, we ARE surrendering control.
    Of course the beauty is that when we’re willing and trusting enough to actually give up the control, the real miracles start to happen. Pretty amazing how all of works!
    I appreciate you visiting, reading and commenting. Please come back as often as you like.
    Take care,

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