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Quiet Down

One of the best things you can do for yourself is make the time each day to be still.  Be quiet.  Find peace.

Meditation is really a beautiful thing.

When you’re quiet, you transport yourself from the craziness of the day-to-day grind into the world of your inner self.  In this place you can find that peace that seems so hard to come by when the distractions of life are otherwise bombarding you from all sides.  And this personal time can be a miraculous recharge for your whole system, even if you just do it for 10 minutes a day.

Be QuietYou might also discover some answers to tough questions that have been eluding you.  It’s always a great resource to look within yourself and trust that instinct and quiet voice you hear.  Of course if you’re hearing several voices,  that might be a sign of something else entirely…but we’ll cover that another time in different post…

For now, let’s assume you’re only hearing one voice.   Some people think this is the voice of God.  The voice you hear when you suspend all stress and worry of the physical domain and begin to move closer to your true essence.  I happen to believe this is true.  I think this is where real conversations via prayer can take place between us and our Creator.  I don’t think God speaks to us audibly these days in a burning bush or from a thunder cloud, but if we quiet ourselves and humbly seek guidance or ask for clarity, we will discover the answers by listening.

You can also think of this peaceful place as a means of getting to know your true self.  After all, you aren’t really just this body and bag of bones walking around all day.  You’re a spiritual being.  And as nice as it is to remember this every once in a while or think of it as a nice little theory…it’s even more amazing to experience it.

Getting still and quieting down is also a wonderful stress reliever.  It helps if you incorporate some deep breathing.  Really listen to yourself breathe, and become conscious of how you can relax your mind, as well as every part of your body.  I’m telling you, if you haven’t done this, you need to start.  It’s an absolutely amazing experience!

If you get really good at meditating, it can be like dreaming while you’re still awake.  You can be totally aware that you’re present in the room, and at the same time be in touch with your powerful and wondrous subconscious self.  For lack of a better phrase, it’s really cool.

Now, I realize I got a little deep here in this post, and honestly, I don’t want the simplicity of the message to get lost in a cloud of the metaphysical or spiritual realm.  So let me keep it real and leave you with this…

It’s real easy to get lost in the world you live in.  Find yourself some quiet time each day and in doing so, you’ll find yourself.


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