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Quick Fix? How About the Real Deal Instead?

There was a commercial on TV the other day that grabbed my attention.  The reason that it caught my eye was because it was being sarcastic, which I love…and yet at the same time it was  absolutely truthful with the message.

It was for a website called  Now, I don’t necessarily endorse the site or the info, as I haven’t gone and checked it out in any depth.  It does look to be pretty helpful, though.

Anyway, the reason I thought the ad was great was because it was really in the face of all of these other places that promise to magically fix all of your credit issues presumably by some sort of magic.  It showed a guy looking under his pillow, in search of a clean credit report, much as a child would look under their pillow for some money from the tooth fairy.  As the man looked high and low for some good news, his wife walked in the room and said something to the effect of, “honey, there’s no such thing as the credit fairy”.  Great stuff!

And it got me to thinking about other things…

There are a whole bunch of “gurus” or “teachers” out there who claim that you can live the life of your dreams, have the freedom to do anything you want, work from the beach, own a mansion, drive the nicest cars, etc. and they tell you it’s all really, really simple!  In fact, some of them would have you believe that by merely thinking positive thoughts and repeating affirmations you will transform yourself into the most prosperous and abundant person that you could possibly imagine and that only good and wonderful things will happen to you as long as you live.

Well, I’m here to tell you, there’s no such thing as the Brand New Life Fairy, either.

If you want a quick fix to the good life, I say good luck.  Because by all the evidence this world has to offer, that is not a reality or even a possibility.

Hear me out.

A shift in mindset is essential.  Thinking positive thoughts and looking for the good in everything is valuable.  Repeating affirmations is good.

But those are all only PART of the formula for success.

And no, sitting around on your couch eating cheetos, watching Oprah Winfrey and just waiting to receive all the blessings and abundance of the Universe is not the way it comes together either.  Not even close.

There’s a whole lot more to it than that!  But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  Quite the contrary.  YOU can do absolutely anything you want to do in this life.  It just takes a much more serious commitment.  YOU have to be vested.  The fairy doesn’t come along and do all the hard work while you sit back, relax, and start enjoying the best version of you.

Think about it…anyone could commit to simply saying good things all day, thinking positive thoughts and then waiting for the fun to start.  That’s pretty easy.

It’s something else entirely to commit yourself to becoming the person that you are capable of.  The person that is deserving of the beach house, the Mercedes, working from home, and spending all of their time enjoying life.  It takes a truly serious person who is ready to APPLY the principles that are necessary to achieve success.

The most wildly successful people in the history of the world have very little in common from a quick look at the surface.  Some have been men and some have been women.  Some have been college educated and some have dropped out of high school.  Some have come from poverty and some from wealth.  Some were tall and some were not so tall.  Some were nice and some were real a-holes.  It’s quite a mixed up cast of characters…

But they do have a couple of things in common, for sure.

I recently finished a book that I am totally excited about.  It addresses these commonalities.  The book talks about exactly what you or anyone else needs to do in order to become extraordinary in life.  The key is, you just have to DO it.  I want you to read it because I know it can potentially change your life!  Not the book itself, or my writings, but YOU can change your life by applying the ideas and being persistent!

The reason I wanted to write this book in the first place was because I was hearing from so many people how they were trying to be positive, or trying to change their lives.  These folks might be just like you.  They know what they want but they just don’t know how to get started toward actually accomplishing it.

They had tried to tune into the Universe, or they were really asking God for help…but nothing was happening.  Many were in difficult situations either financially or emotionally, and things were just continuing to spiral downward.  Some had seen movies like The Secret, but had not been able to put any of the teachings into play in a meaningful way in their own lives.  Others had read inspiring books or attending wonderful weekend seminars but weren’t able to capture the essence of the concepts and make them a reality.

I’ve spent most of the last 20 years trying to learn the truth about success.  I have been fortunate enough to work in an industry that has allowed me to form relationships with countless business owners, CEOs, presidents of companies, etc.  I have had the good fortune of asking a lot of questions about how they achieved their levels of greatness.  I have been blessed to have come into contact with athletes, religious leaders, coaches, public speakers and authors as well, and have done everything I know how to do to learn from all of them.

It’s been fun.  And it has paid off!

I wanted to share the ideas and principles that these successful people have used to achieve incredible things in their lives, in order to help as many people as I can come into contact with to change their own lives.

We’re all looking for more freedom to enjoy our families and friends.  We all want to be able to do the things we love in life.  And I can tell you that you can absolutely do those things.  It just takes the right kind of effort.  It won’t happen overnight (insert your own tooth fairy analogy here)…but it WILL happen!  You CAN be, do or have anything…that part is TRUE!  But, again, you have to know how to get started, you have to actually START, and then you have to be persistent.

If any of this appeals to you or grabs your attention, I would urge you to get the book and read it.

It comes out next week, and I’m doing something really special for all of the good people who are members of Habitual Victory.  If you would like to get in on that, simply enter your name and a valid e-mail address in the box at the upper right of this blog.  (or HERE) You won’t receive a bunch of garbage, and I don’t share your name or e-mail with ANYONE!  What you will get are great motivational e-mails, updates, and other cool stuff from me once in a while.  You’ll also be on the list in time to see what special thing I’m doing for the first people  that want to get their hands on the new book.   But I only want you to sign up if you’re serious.  Oh, and you can download a free copy of my last e-book “Stop Procrastinating Now” when you sign up.  If putting things off has ever been an issue for you, you should definitely read this one!

I’ll leave it up to you.

Hey, did I mention that I interviewed Randy Gage, Pat O’Bryan, Dr. Larina Kase and Eric Farewell as part of the project and their stuff is included in the book as well?

How cool is that?

Bottom line time:  If you’re serious about your life and you really want to do something amazing…the new book is definitely for you, and you need to get it, read it, and apply it.


You can just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll keep getting what you’ve got.  Who knows maybe the Brand New Life Fairy will show up one of these days…

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