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Presence and Presents

You know that feeling you get at Christmas time when, after spending way more money than you even thought you had on gifts for the kids, they’re all sitting on the floor in plain site, playing with the boxes and the wrapping paper instead of the toys?

Quite a feeling, isn’t it?

You think to yourself, “if I had only known they would get so much joy and have so much fun with the packaging, I would have skipped the toys and just given them ribbons and wrapping paper”.

There’s just so much to be said about living in the moment, and children still seem to be the greatest example of the people who do it best.

The adults who have mastered this art are indeed enlightened and have become tremendous examples for all of us, but still one of the best ways to observe people living in the NOW is to just sit and watch little ones enjoy the day.

The way that a child can take a shoe box and play with it for hours is the same approach that all of us should take toward whatever situation life deals us.  Because the truth is, we all go through the same stuff, the good, bad, ugly, painful, happy, scary, sad, joyous, crazy and everything else…the difference in our lives and ultimately what defines us as individuals is how we each decide to deal with it all.

Life gives us many choices and we then have the freedom to react in any way that we choose.

We can take the gifts we are presented with, open them up, rip off the paper, and play with the toy inside, or we can mess around with the bow on the outside.  It’s all up to us.  Our free will is what determines our destiny.  And that is just as magical as any Christmas morning…

How are you dealing with the opportunities and choices that life is presenting to you?

A positive attitude and an active imagination are the keys to the kingdom.  Take a cue from the kids and make the best of everything!

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