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Potentially Amazing

How far do you think you can go in life?  What awesome thing do you think you can achieve?  What is your true potential?

I read a quote today attributed to Zig Ziglar and it said this, “You are the only person on earth who can use your ability”.

Did you get that?  YOU are the only person who can use YOUR ability!  It’s a great quote, and I’m tucking it in my mental file somewhere between “Use it or lose it” and “No one else is going to do it for you”.

It also got me to thinking about how each one of us, as individuals, are really the only ones who know what our own true potential is.  No one else on the entire planet can really get to that information.  They can guess, assume, wish, hope (and they do), but it’s locked into our being nice and tight.  The great thing is that it’s waiting there for each of us to discover.  Yes, it’s in there somewhere, trust me.  You may not have been in touch with this idea for a long time or maybe not ever…but it’s in there!   And you can tap into it and start doing all of the wonderful things you are suppose to be doing.  As only YOU can.

Everybody brings something to the party, so to speak, and that includes you.  Some people are fully aware of their gifts and their own potential and are out there right now making things happen!  Of course there is nothing wrong with being “fashionably late”, right?  Many believe that’s the much, much cooler way to go, anyway.  So if you haven’t discovered the real YOU yet, today seems like the perfect day to get started.

Potential is one of those things that we hear a lot about; and usually its when someone is talking about the great things that would have been done or could have been done had someone merely taken their full dose of it.  The thing is, no one else really knows what the other person is capable of.  And truthfully, potential is just a word until someone acts on it.  It’s like knowledge.  A lot of folks believe that knowledge is power.  I don’t.  Unless knowledge is applied, to me, it’s just another word.  ONLY when knowledge is applied does it become powerful…and ONLY when potential is reached for does it have the capacity to become something real.

The dictionary says that POTENTIAL is “possible as opposed to actual; capable of being or becoming”.

So what’s the distinction to be made between what is possible and what is actual as it relates to each one of us?

It really has everything to do with your mindset.  What is “actual” in your life right now is essentially the result of all of the thoughts and beliefs that you have had up to this point.  You have, in a very real way, attracted to yourself all of the people, things and circumstances that make up your life.  Whatever you have accomplished, you have done so as the result of your dominant thoughts and your personal belief system.  Plainly, you have achieved all of the things that you believed you were capable of achieving.  You are as well off as you believed you could be to this point in your life.  You are living in a place that you were confident resided within your means.  And to the same extent, you are only inhibited by the limitations that you have been willing to accept.  So, to this point in the journey, you have reached your full perceived potential.  There is no “shoulda”, “coulda”, or “woulda”.  Otherwise, you would have “dunna”.

You are exactly who and what you think you are.

Now, what is possible for you remains hidden from the rest of us, in that untapped part of your being.  Whatever you can conceive in your mind, and believe in your heart, you can achieve in your life.  And that, my friend, is your potential.

You can achieve anything you want to achieve in this life if you believe that you can and you are willing to act on that belief.  It will take courage, stamina, perseverance, will power, heart, and desire; you will need to pursue it passionately and with absolute purpose.  But it can be done.  And it will be done.  If you believe it.

Your potential is that amazing something that exists inside you, which only needs your attention and a little TLC to become your reality!  If you have the faith to trust your instincts and the courage to follow your heart, you can become the person that you were meant to be, and you never have to settle for anything less.

Your thoughts and dreams today can be different than they have ever been at any other point in your life.  You can start right now to imagine what you want to do with yourself, and you can begin taking the steps to accomplish whatever that happens to be.

The rest of the world is waiting to see what unbelievable things you are capable of.  And aren’t you just a little curious yourself?

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3 Responses to “Potentially Amazing”

  1. I often think we’re too close to ourselves to see our own potential… but recognize potential in others. Seeing the potential in my grands is absolutely staggering… but some of them don’t see it or feel it.

    I’m sure our parents saw the same promise in us that we see in our kids and grands.

    I too get caught up in the the gulf between what I know to be true by logic and what I emotionally feel. It’s a battle that comes and goes.

    Mike, thanks for the reminder… I’m never to old to “Imagine.”

  2. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Kathy –
    Thanks so much for the comments.

    I think that the potential we see in others is often a reflection of some of our own potential, but which we have been reluctant or afraid to embrace. Just a theory…

    I do love thinking about what wonderful things the “little ones” are capable of!

    Take care

  3. avatar Anthony says:

    Man is wonderfully made. He doesn’t know the power that lies within him. If he harnesses this power, he will be able to achieve great things. Great people have gone through much suffering and opposition, but they believed in what they could do. Today we enjoy the benefits from their efforts.
    Thank you for your wonderful work. Your articles are fantastic. I hope it will benefit a large amount of people. Continue your good work and may God bless and prosper you.

    Best Wishes,


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