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Post #25

At some point during the 30 Blogs in 30 Days Challenge you have to breathe a little.  Especially if you are attempting to post twenty-one times in two days in order to complete the competition.

So, I’m coming up for a little air here.

It has been a pretty incredible day.  I have managed to this point to have post twelve times to the blog, and after this little diddy, I will five more to go.  As I’m writing this, I have approximately one hour and thirty-seven minutes to accomplish this task.  I have to admit that when I started I was pretty sure I could do it, and there were moments throughout the day where that confidence wavered…but here I am, alive and well, and I truly believe that I can put this together and get it done.

Finishing the things that I start have been a big focus for me in my personal and professional life in the past few years.  I have always had a creative edge to me, and so I have always been able to come up with pretty good ideas, and have had the ability to put things in motion.  As I posted earlier in the day today, in a blog entry called Two Good Ideas, it is really crucial to become a finisher.

I have also played sports for most of my life, and one of the things you develop when you compete in an environment like that is a will to win.

So, even though the odds were against me when I plugged the computer in, after a two week hiatus off line, and even though I still needed a lot of ideas and posts to come together for me when I started this morning, I figured it was a challenge that I started way back on April 10th and one that I would finish on May 9th.

I would encourage you to take things that you commit to seriously, as it will help establish the types of habits that make you a winner in all aspects of your life.  It would have been pretty easy for me to blow this off, but I didn’t want to feel like I cheated myself.

Plus, it’s really pretty fun.

A big part of that fun with a challenge like this is that you get to meet new people, discover new blogs, find authors with similar interests and also become exposed to different styles of writing.  I have to say, the first two weeks were fantastic!  And yes, I am a little bummed that I missed a lot while I was relocating…but I still made some new friends and I have to say that today has been pretty fun.  Thanks to all who have participated and for all of the great content I have read.

Okay, I’m way past the minimum word mark and since this blog is within official parameters, I am going to go get a drink of water and shall return.

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