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Permanent Vacation

PVTS is something you probably haven’t heard of.  I’m saying that because I actually made it up.  I consider it to be a very serious condition that seems to affect nearly every adult American every single year.  It often has no symptoms and can begin to consume seemingly happy and healthy people as quickly as any disease in the history of the world.

Characteristics of this horrible ailment include a lack of energy and motivation, half-heartedness in every endeavor, boredom, non-production, a yearning for the recent past, and an overwhelming feeling of “blah”.

It is rare in children, but does seem to peak in a significant amount of young adults in the late summer or early fall in all parts of the country.

What am I talking about?

It’s the illness that I have come to call Post Vacation Traumatic Syndrome.  And yes, it used to get me every time.  My worst case was after the family returned from an 8-day vacation in Orlando at Disneyworld a few years ago. Coming back to the corporate work week that time was almost enough to take me down for the count…

There is a great chance that you have experienced some form of PVTS at one time or another during your life, you just may not have known it.

You may be experiencing it right now.

If you are, you’re not alone, and you need to know that help is available.  Right now, exactly where you sit or stand, you can begin to relieve yourself of PVTS, and by carefully following the rehabilitation plan below, you can rid yourself of this dreaded disease forever!

Before we talk about the treatment, let me give you the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

What exactly is PVTS?

There may be many ways to define it clinically, but in layman’s terms, it is the stunning realization that the life you want and the life you have are two completely different entities, sometimes as opposite as night and day.

It strikes at the precise moment that you lock down into whatever daily routine you may have at work, immediately following a period of time where you were able to experience freedom, laughter, relaxation and fun around your best friends or your family; commonly called “a vacation”.

How do you know if you are in danger of contracting PVTS?

If you are alive, and you are not doing what you are most passionate about in all of life, then you are susceptible.  In fact, you’re just asking for it…

How dangerous is the disease?

As far as sucking the positive energy out of you goes, it ranks among the most deadly.  If allowed to fester, it will slowly destroy your dreams and dissolve your peace of mind, until it leaves you a disappointed, unfulfilled, stressed-out bag of bones.

Are there any natural cures for PVTS?

As far as I know, there are only natural cures.  No drugs, surgery, or other medical procedures have any kind of effect on PVTS.  One simply has to adhere to the 4 Step Plan in order to start seeing the results.

So what is The Plan, you ask?

1. Figure out what you want to do in your life

The first step to putting yourself on course for a lifetime free of PVTS is to think about and discover what you truly want to do in life.  Picture your absolute perfect scenario. Is it working from home and being able to spend as much time with your family as you want?  Is it running a business via your laptop on a beach somewhere sunny and warm, icy cold beverage in tow?  Do you want to have unlimited freedom?  I’m sure it is something along those lines. It is undoubtedly not being chained to a desk, working as a corporate slave, or grinding out 50-60 hour work weeks so that by the time you actually see your family you have no energy left.

2. Believe that you can absolutely have the life of your dreams

Once you have clearly defined the life that you want, you have to understand that your capacity to imagine that life is in direct proportion to your worthiness to live it.  In other words, W. Clement Stone was right when he said, “If you can conceive and believe it, then you will achieve it”.  You totally deserve it!  This is an extremely tough step because most of us have been conditioned to believe that we are only capable of doing certain things.  We don’t imagine ourselves as entitled to anything extraordinary.  Those limitations, which are crippling, are actually only creations in our own minds.  Start re-programming yourself!

3. Spend quality time each day imagining the end result of your vision

Your mind is a powerfully creative force.  The things that you are able to focus on the most and which become your dominant thoughts are the things that will begin to play out in your reality.  Take some quiet time each day, if only for three to five minutes, to visualize your perfect scenario.  Give it feeling and emotion.  See the sights, smell the smells, feel the wind or the sun or anything else that is there.  Put yourself at the end of the rainbow, and go back to that vision often.

4. Trust your gut, and take the inspired action necessary to make it happen!

If you have carefully followed the steps listed above then you have put yourself in a fantastic spot.  You are now being nudged to do certain things which will get you to where you are going.  You have to be mindful of this, and you have to be willing to follow your heart and trust your instincts. Do it!  The one thing that stops the most people from achieving those things they truly desire is a lack of effort.  Individuals who learn to act when they receive inspiration can become world changers.  Start to listen to what your intuition is telling you.  You’ve experienced it before, you’ve just ignore it.  Begin to pay attention.  It is the key to the kingdom, when it comes to attaining your best life.

It’s time to start discovering this perfect life of yours, where every day feels like Friday…where a “vacation” is simply a change of scenery and not a change in lifestyle…where you can be fulfilled and happy, experience true joy and the peace that passes all understanding.  And it all starts with your first step.

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  1. avatar Jay Goslee says:

    So what I am experiencing right now must be Pre Vacation Traumatic Syndrome. Got to love New Years Eve in the Media Biz. Have a Happy and Safe New Year.

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