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Passion Play

If you’re not living the life of your dreams right now, it’s not because you don’t know how!

You’ve probably heard me say that before.

The thing is…it’s absolutely true.

You have within yourself all of the necessary resources, talent, ability, and passion to live whatever life you want to live.  You just have to be willing to get started, stay focused, and be persistent.  If you will commit to do whatever it takes, you can literally have it all.

That sounds like pretty hard work though, right?

Well, maybe I can help you shift your perspective a little.

Living the life of your dreams means doing what you are most passionate about.  And only you know what this is.  It could be anything from working with kids to building airplanes.  You might be a crafter, a writer, a teacher, a designer, a seller, a poet, an artist, a builder, or an athlete.  Remember, it’s YOUR passion.

So if I were to position it a little differently, maybe it would also inspire you in a more meaningful way.

How about if I said it this way?  If you’re willing to do the thing that you are most passionate about all the time, every day, for as long as it takes until it becomes your life, you can have whatever you want.

That probably sounds a lot better to you, doesn’t it?  Maybe you even felt that little adrenaline kick in your stomach as you read that.  There is, after all, a fire inside you.  The fire is your passion.  And it’s ready to ignite and become your reality as soon as you are ready to embrace it and get started.

Here’s a contrast that further explains how all of this works;

If your passion is public speaking and I said to you that you had to be willing to run six miles a day, increasing your speed every week and you might have to do this for years in order to achieve your dreams, you’d probably say I was a lunatic and that there’s no way you could commit to that.  And that’s because running has nothing to do with speaking.

However, if your passion happens to be running, and your ultimate goal is to be the fastest person on earth…committing to something like the outline above would really do it for you, if you know what I’m saying.  You would literally be engaged in that thing you were most passionate about all the time, in order to achieve the ultimate experience in your life!

You see, the will to keep going and not quit is only a chore if you are working on something other than what you are most passionate about.

If you’re chasing your dreams, following your heart and engaging in that thing you love most, it’s a lot more like playing than working.

Your life should be a blast!  And if it’s not, I’m telling you, as sure as you’re reading this post, you can make it that way.  It truly is all about getting started and making the commitment to be the person you want to be.

I’ll tell you about one of the things that I’m most passionate about.  This is the one that gets me out of bed in the morning, keeps me motivated and makes my Tuesdays feel like Fridays, most of the time

Helping others become successful in life.

And because this drives me, I strive to always be helping, coaching, and teaching.  I’m also always learning.

I wrote a book called Habitual Victory (yes, named after the blog), and I would love for you to get your hands on it, especially if you find any of the words that I’ve written here to be inspiring.

If you feel in your heart that it’s time for you to stop dreaming about one life and living another…then make the commitment to yourself to get things moving in the right direction.

It doesn’t matter what your current circumstances are.  You are in the place you are today because of what you have done to get there.  But your history is not your destiny!   You can have, be, or do anything you want to in this life and you can get started today, regardless of where you happen to be.

Listen, that’s the main reason that I wrote Habitual Victory.  Because so many people are out of work, have lost their homes, or have debt piled so high they can’t even imagine being unburied.  Because people are feeling less and less confident.  Maybe you’re one of them.  The news we hear all seems to be negative.  And because of these things, living an abundant and passionate life seems next to impossible.

It’s not.  Your dreams can become your reality.  And if you feel a spark, then you’re ready to rock and roll.  You are ready to make the changes necessary to start becoming the person you have always wanted to be.  Are you seriously ready?  Then I seriously want to help you.

And I’ll even throw a little challenge at you, to see how serious you are.

Go to Amazon and get the book, Habitual VictoryHERE’S THE LINK.

The investment you will make in order to read this book will be less than you’ll probably drop at McDonalds in the next few weeks.  And I can assure you that the return is far greater!  Your ultimate life versus a few combo #4’s…

I’m trying to be nice, but really, can you see how ridiculous the proposition of not investing in yourself is?

Listen, I’m running the risk of sounding like a shameless self-promoter here, so I should probably say a couple of quick things about that.  Yes, I want you to buy the book.  But not as badly as I want you to change your life!  I don’t consider myself to be the ultimate author or the master guru, by any stretch.  The fact that I wrote the book doesn’t make it any more special.  But the principles and formulas contained in the book are no less valuable, even coming from a guy like me.  In fact, the stuff that’s in there is the stuff that can change your life!

I interviewed some smart and wonderful people in putting it together, and their words are in the book as well.  You’ll hear from Randy Gage, Pat O’Bryan, Eric Farewell, and Dr. Larina Kase, as well as yours truly.

I can tell you this, without hesitation, the book is the real deal and if you’ll read it and apply the information to your life, you can be on your way to anywhere you want to go.  I’ll leave it at that.

Super Sized or Super Life?  It’s your choice.

As the song says, “It’s your passion…make it happen!”

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  1. Your posts are so inspiring and so truthful. I am also one of those who is passionate about helping people, especially helping them to live their purpose. I believe that if everyone was living his/her purpose the world would be the best place in the universe to be. And it seems to be heading in that direction. So much fun! This is a great blog. Check mine out, too.

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