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Off the Rails…

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men” – Willy Wonka

Do something crazy today.

I don’t mean rob a liquor store or push an old lady off a bridge…in fact, as a disclaimer, I would say don’t do anything illegal or something that will cause bodily damage to anyone else.

What I do mean is you should engage in something really fun that you might do if you were still a kid, or if you really let that young heart of yours have its way for a little while.

Be creative.  Be wild.  Be inspired.

That's a bit odd!Do something that makes you laugh and allows you to absorb the amazing miracle of the world around you.

A really great way to start this is to get out into the wonder of nature.  And you don’t necessarily have to hike a mountain trail (although you could)…you could also climb to the top of your apartment building (I recommend the stairs), maybe soak in some sun from up there and eat a banana split or something.  You can sit by a pool, lake, ocean, stream, or maybe just open up the windows and hang out in the bath tub.

Go buy a ticket to an amusement park for yourself and then enjoy the day.  Or go to a comedy club, sit up front and let all of the funny people pick on you.      

Paint something.  A wall, a room, a tee shirt, your dog… 

Go to the mall and ride the escalators all day.  Count how many people notice that you keep making the trip up and down, up and down.

Find a playground and hit the swing set. 

Wear your shirt backwards all day.  Go bowling and use a ball that’s about 5 pounds lighter than you normally would.  Set up a lemonade stand.  Wear glasses with no lenses. 

Go sign up for dance lessons, cooking lessons and guitar lessons.

Buy the craziest hat you can find and wear it everywhere…to church, to work, to your kid’s school play. 

In case you’re wondering…yes, I’ve done some of these things, so I’m drawing from personal experiences.  They made me feel a little kookie, but I sure had fun!  I know you can think of some stuff you could do that would be even crazier and that would make you feel like a child, or an adult who just decided to get crazy for a little while.

It’s good for the soul to release that inner silliness that gets covered up with stress and pressure.  Let it go!  Be wild and crazy!  Your life will thank you for opening up and living a little.  I challenege you to get crazy and see how it feels.  I bet you love it!  Feel free to leave any comments about your experiences.   

By the way, the dog’s name was Blue.  And he was.

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