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Note to Self

Here’s some great advice for you if you are setting out to accomplish anything worthy in your life:

Write down your goals!  Get them on paper!  Keep them where you can see them and read them every single day!

Why is this such good advice, you ask?

Well, there is something extremely powerful about a note that you write to yourself.

It’s almost as if the written word is some sort of a binding moral contract that you sign between your head and your heart.  When you outline your objectives and put them on paper, it let’s your self know that you’re very serious about it.  But there’s another reason that it is so valuable; and that’s because it serves as a constant reminder for you as to what you are working toward.

Living and taking action in the current moment is what makes anything possible.  The only time you can ever do anything is NOW.  If you don’t believe me, try to do something yesterday or try to do something tomorrow.  How about 5 minutes ago or 5 minutes from now?  You can’t.  You can only operate in the present.  Understanding this will allow you to start achieving major milestones in  your life, and it will also help you totally eliminate procrastination.

Having a reminder allows you to constantly be focusing on your overall goal.  And when the reminder comes from you, it is even more powerful.  Because you know what your dreams are, and you know what you want to achieve.  You can’t fool yourself.

The main reason that you have failed to accomplish even the most worthy of your intentions is because you aren’t taking the inspired action you should be to get you closer to them.  This happens when your focus wanders off into the past or present.  You start daydreaming about the future and what you’re going to do at some later date…or you’re continually thinking about events of the past and how they played out.  In either scenario, you have removed yourself from a position of strength where you can be making progress, and have reduced yourself to a spectator, waiting for circumstances beyond your control to take you where they will.

A note or an outline will help keep you focused.

If you are thinking about it, then you will begin to be inspired and take the necessary steps to achieve it.

I would challenge you to try this if you never have.  It will take you to a new level.  And if you have done this before, then I would encourage you to keep doing it.

Write down your desire and be sure to look at it in the morning, several times during the day and again before you go to sleep at night.   Speak the goals out loud so that you can also hear yourself affirming your intentions.   Seeing it and hearing it provide some wonder-working power.

I’m telling you, as simple as this sounds, it is the stuff that moves mountains.

It’s your ultimate success…make a note of it!

Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “Note to Self”

  1. avatar Mike Sweezy says:

    Very True!

    “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.” – From Kung Fu Panda… (Don’t you get all of your best ideas from animated movies?)

    I appreciate this advice more than you know. Getting things done NOW is the only thing that gets them done now…

    My favorite button read: “When would NOW be a good time to change?” I remind myself to get things done NOW all of the time. And I admire your insight.


  2. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Mike –

    First off, I thought Kung Fu Panda was brilliant! There are all kinds of gems in that movie. (Watched it with the kids three times…)

    I’m glad that the post was valuable to you. And thank you for the kind words.

    “When would NOW be a good time to change” is an awesome question that we should always be asking ourselves.

    Take care,

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