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No News is Good News

I tried something this past year, that I never would have imagined trying.  I stopped watching the news on television.  I also stopped listening to talk shows on the radio, unless they were related to sports (hey, we all have our vice).

Now, to set this up, I used to watch cable news, local news, and I also listened to talk show after talk show on the radio.  I was a world news, local news, and political junkie.  And it was absolutely driving me nuts!  I would hang on the words of each talk show host, and feel frustrated when someone who didn’t share my point of view was using valuable airtime to talk about things I didn’t want to hear.  It got pretty bad, too.  I would come home in a lousy mood, or worse yet, feel crummy all day.  Then after a day of crummy, I would be sure to catch the local news to see how many of my fellow citizens in the community had lost their jobs, been mugged, cheated out of something, or even fatally wounded.  As a bonus, I also got to hear all sorts of compelling stories about kids drowning, elderly people being robbed and beaten, the state going bankrupt, fires destroying homes, and then of course sports and weather….woo hoo!

So, I finally thought, “what if?”.  As in, “what if I just stopped watching all this depressing stuff?  Would I be missing out on anything?  Would I feel as smart or as informed as I do now?  Would I maybe, just maybe, feel a little bit better?”  And then of course the ultimate final question that I end of asking myself whenever I have one of these introspective-type conversations…”what’s the worst that can happen?”

I couldn’t come up with anything too terrible, other than having someone ask me a question which I might have to answer with, “I didn’t hear about that”.  Oooo, scary…So, I made the decision to give it a go.  And I can tell you this, I have not been sorry.  Not even close.  In fact, I think my physical health, along with my mental health has improved dramatically.  I feel better, and actually still manage to get the important news I need, anyway.  It’s like using a filter.  Just keep the junk away from your mind and it leaves more room for the positive thoughts, ideas, and energy that you need in order to live your life to the fullest!  You may not know the political talking points from both sides of the aisle on the new bill that is being introduced to congress next month, and you may not be up to date on how many axe murderers are on parole and living within a seventeen mile radius of your home, but I bet you will feel better!  I bet you’ll still get the news about Washington D.C. when it’s time to hear it, and you’ll be able to spend a lot of quality time with your friends and family, and live a life free of unnecessary worry and stress.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you remove yourself from society and become so isolated that you wouldn’t know there was a storm coming next Tuesday, but I am saying that losing a lot of the garbage that you are probably filling your head with is a move that will have some wonderful and meaningful results.  It will give you peace of mind and allow you to make a conscious effort to be positive every day.  And the difference in your energy level will be amazingly noticeable.  Being informed as a responsible member of the community and being inundated with all things negative are two completely different scenarios.  I say, opt for the first one.  Stay informed, just cut out the excess crud.

Can you imagine, like I do, that if the news focused primarily on the positive, the entire culture in our community, state, country, and even world could begin to change?  The masses of people are swayed by what the talking heads on T.V. tell them.  Hey, it was seriously effecting me, and I bet it is effecting you, as well.  Maybe it’s a little idealistic to think of such a thing…but it’s still fun to add to my wish list.

Stop watching the news and see how it works for you.  It has worked wonders for me.

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  1. avatar Geoff says:

    Randy Gage recommends this. I’ve cut way back, but I still read Newsweek. Hey, not bad for a junkie!

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