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Nice and Easy

Here’s a real simple and quick tip that has the potential to impact your life in a huge and positive way.  It will change the way you see the world around you, lighten the load of stress you carry around with you all day, and make the people you come in contact with feel better, too.

Be nice.

ChoicesLife could be described as a series of choices that each of us make every single day.  One of the choices that comes up quite a bit is whether or not we should be nice.  It shows up in a variety of situations, too.  Should I be vengeful or nice?  Pissed off or nice?  Honest or nice?  Just kidding on the last one.  Honesty is always the best policy…just be nice about it.

Don’t let your ego step in and make it impossible for you to be nice.  Often, you may be consumed with the need to feel right in your interactions.  It’s happened to all of us…so much so that many people have become experts at sacrificing kindness in the name of proving a point.  Don’t be that person.

Being nice is a wonderful thing.  It’s not the weak trait that we often think it is, associated with finishing last or getting walked on, but rather the fruit of a virtuous existence.  It perpetuates itself.  It pays it forward.  It respects.  The decision to be nice will pay off in all sorts of magical ways for you, not the least of which will be helping you to create positive mojo for yourself.  And the stress it relieves may actually be the best part.  Lugging around a bunch of good will sure feels better than discord, conflict, and nastiness.

We’re all on this journey together, and we all have a lot of choices to make.  When you have the choice to be nice or anything else…choose nice.  See what a difference it makes for you.

And remember, karma’s only a bitch if you are…

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