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Moving is Such Sweet Sorrow

(With apologies to William Shakespeare)

Recently, I moved.  Again.

I’ve moved quite a few times in my life.  It’s not something I’m afraid to do.  I realize that it terrifies some people.

I know some folks who have lived in the same house for more than twenty years, and I also know peeps who have moved to twenty different cities during their lives.

I will say, quite definitively, after my years of experience seeing the country, that there really is no easy way to do it.

I’ve loaded up a U Haul myself and headed out across state lines, and I’ve had companies I worked for pay for everything, from the packing to the moving of my entire household, including the cars.  I’ve shacked up with friends and relatives in new towns, and I’ve stayed in corporate housing for six months at a time.  No matter the situation, it just isn’t an easy thing to do.  Transition is tough.

I can also tell you that it is a little harder when you have kids.  So, my plan is to actually stay put for a long, long time at this point in my life.  Yes, I’ll keep you posted.

Moving is definitely a form of change, and it can be a metaphor for your life.  If you’re willing to embrace change when it comes your way, you are a lot more likely to accomplish anything you want in life.  If you are reluctant to change, then you may not be setting yourself up for the level of achievement that you are capable of.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you pick up and move to prove your worthiness..but I’m definitely telling you that being open to change is a good thing.

There is an exciting part of moving, in spite of the work and stress it may put on you.  A new city can be a fabulous experience.  Learning the culture, the ins and outs, getting to know the people, all of these can be a valuable way to expand your reality and build your character.  But, I will admit, it’s also a little scary.

I think about the kids first, so school and the safety of the family are the priorities.  After that, it’s simply all about the view.  Ha!

This latest move is a really good one and it gets me back to where I started this whole wonderful life experience…southern California.  I have lived many places as I mentioned earlier, and I’ve met so many amazing and wonderful people.  Believe it or not, I manage to keep in touch with the vast majority of them.  Many of the friendships are invaluable.

There is something kinda cool about “coming home” though.  That’s the sweet part.

We’ll see if it helps my writing…

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