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Feeling Lucky?

Have you stopped to consider how lucky you are?

Now look, “luck” can be defined a few different ways, and because of that, it’s usually a pretty subjective term.  Typically, I like to say that luck is that thing that happens when preparation meets opportunity…but I also reference it quite often by saying that I am lucky and blessed in many ways.  When I say it like that, I think of  it more in terms of good fortune, and that thing that makes me feel grateful.

For the purposes of this post making any sense, let’s talk about lucky in the latter sense.

So, I ask again, have you stopped to consider how lucky you are?  Right there, wherever you are, right now.

If you’re like most people, then you probably haven’t stopped to think about it.  Or if you have, you just haven’t thought about it often enough.

It turns out that life really is as good as we make it, and that you really can be as happy and content as you decide to be.  All that crazy talk you’ve heard along those lines is actually truth.  Who knew, right?

All this time most of us were figuring that circumstances had to be just right, we had to have a whole bunch of money, or the people around us all had to be nice and cool and positive in order for life to seem like it was even close to good.

If that has been your mindset.  I strongly suggest you change it.  And quick.  Why the urgency, you ask?

Well, the way I see it…this life is temporary.  No matter how you slice it, we have a limited amount of measurable time that we’ll be walking around in these earthly vessels we use to define our physical existence.  So if we’re going to make this a life without regret and a life worth reflecting on, a prosperous and abundant, joyful experience, for lack of a better term, we better get our asses in gear!

And I say it like that because if we sit around long enough hoping for happiness and contentment to come around and smack us upside the head, we’re gonna miss the show!

Happiness is right there inside of you.  The amazing life you dream about and wish you were living is going on right now.  It’s running full speed and it won’t stop until, well…it stops.  And then of course, you won’t have to worry about it anymore.  Okay, so maybe that’s a decent consolation prize, but come on!  Do you really want to drudge through this thing without even mustering up the courage to find out if you can make it a good life?

If you think you’re life sucks, then it does.  If you think your life rocks, then it does.

And it doesn’t matter who you are, where you work, what you drive, or anything else.  It really matters what you feel and how you think.  And what you do about it from there.

Now, I’m not going to risk losing all credibility with you by saying that having a whole bunch of money doesn’t make things a whole lot more fun, but I also can’t say with a straight face that everyone who has a whole bunch of money is doing nothing but having fun.  It doesn’t work that way.

I also won’t say that having a companion doesn’t make the journey more rewarding…but seriously, have you seen how the trip works for people who end up with the wrong person?

Focusing entirely on landing a soulmate, or having a ridiculous bank account isn’t the most efficient use of your mental energy.

You should start with focusing on the amazing things you have in your life right now.  And to me, the most amazing of all, is the fact that you can decide to be happy and content right this very second.  Look, I’m not Pollyanna here, and I’ll tell you that the real key to happiness and success is to always be growing and expanding, so you’re eventually going to have to get up and do some stuff…but what I am suggesting is that you need to start somewhere, before the clock runs out on you.  And there’s no time that you can start other than right now.  You just have to decide when that right now seems like the right time for you to get started.  Pretty deep, eh?  Not really.  I think you’re feelin’ it.

It all starts with the decision to have an awesome life.  Then you can start to recognize the blessings that actually are right there in front of your nose.  Then, you can start to appreciate life a lot more, and then life will start to reward you.  It’s a perfect circle.  It just moves in the opposite direction of our instinctive plans.

Luck and fortune favor the bold.  And they certainly favor the bold who not only dare to dream, but who wake up from their dreams to live.

It’s your choice.  So how about it?  Do you feel lucky?

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2 Responses to “Feeling Lucky?”

  1. I’m not lucky- I’m fortunate. Luck implies there is neither rhyme nor logic to events. Fortunate implies that my plans have worked out.
    And, I do recognize my blessings and fortune every morning and every night. I may not recount them all, I may only mention one or two, but I understand the balance of them all.

  2. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    I hear you, Roy. I consider myself blessed. But I like to use the world “lucky”, too. As I mentioned, I typically think of it as that thing that happens when preparation meets opportunity, removing the notion that it is random and completely out of my control.
    It’s a great thing to recount your fortune, for sure. That practice will bring about more and more to be thankful for!
    Thanks for your comments!

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