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List It

Okay, here’s a great tip for day three…

Make a list of five things you’re thankful for.

Now before you simply jot down the first five things that pop into your mind and set the list some place where you’ll never pick it up again, stop, sit down, clear your mind and think about it a little bit.  These need to be five really special things that you truly feel lucky and blessed to have as part of your life.  They can be people, things, or even circumstances.  The only real rule is that they make you realize how wonderful that specific part of your life is.

Part of the reason for doing this is so you can begin to focus on some things that really make you feel better.  That in and of itself is worth the exercise.

The reason that you need to write these things down (and not lose them) is so you can spend just a few minutes each day reviewing your list; being thankful, feeling gratefulness in your heart, and understanding where the true value in your life is coming from.

List 5 ThingsChances are you have a lot more than just five things to be thankful for in your life, so admittedly, the list is a short one.  However, you should really think of it as a starting point.  Remember,  these 30 Things are simple things you can do to improve the quality of your life.  They don’t have to be cumbersome.

Here’s the thing, though; as you start to think of other things that you are truly thankful for, go ahead and add them to your list.  You may find that in a very short period of time you have a list of twenty to twenty-five things.  Or perhaps it will evolve a little slower.  Either way is perfect!  You really want to build this thing at your own pace. after all, it’s your life you’re thinking about.

The most crucial aspect of this effort is to make sure you spend time with the list each and every day.  I suggest establishing a time for yourself that is consistent like the morning when you awake, or the evening before you lay down.  Both of these are great…one gets you off to a good start each day by remembering the great things going on in your life, and the other sends you off into dreamland and your subconscious with those great things you’re thankful for on your mind.  Again, these are both great options.  You could also establish some time in the middle of your day if this is more convenient.  A midday meditation can be one of those things that completely rejuvenate you.  You’ll have to trust me when I say it’s much better for you than a cup of joe or a five-hour energy drink…

Try to imagine how much thankfulness you would have in your heart a year from today, if you had spent 1,825 minutes focusing on the wonderful blessings in your life.  That’s what five minutes a day can do for you.  If you spend ten minutes a day thinking about these mini miracles that exist around you, you will have invested 3,650 minutes in grateful, heart-felt meditation in just 52 weeks.  Wow.

This is one of those things you really have to be conscious of, since it requires a daily effort.  It typically takes about three weeks for anything to become a habit, so make certain that you stay consistent.  Make your list and get started today.  The five to ten minutes you spend being thankful each day will start spilling out into the rest of your life.  And that’s when the real magic starts to happen.  Your eyes will be opened to all kinds of amazing things that are happening in your life, of which you may not have been fully aware before.  Thankfulness is one of those addicting and contagious bugs (like laughter) that will being the process of perpetuating itself in all aspects of your existence.

This one is cool.  Ready, set, go…

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One Response to “List It”

  1. avatar brian says:

    Excellent article. We all need to count our blessings and don’t think our blessings don’t count. As Oprah said “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough”

    Looking forward to the rest of tips for these 30 days.

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