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Life’s a Beach

I’ve found that life is significantly more fun, when I’m doing fun fun stuff.  That’s not a very deep thought, I know, but I was reminded of this simple truth this weekend.

The family decided that we were going to take off down the coast, hit the beach for an entire day, have a great meal together and then shack up in a hotel somewhere instead of driving home.

So, we took off.  We left laptops, video games, and cell phones behind (well, okay, the cell phone were in the car) and headed for the Pacific Ocean.

Now, the funny thing is, we live in L.A., so we’re always near the ocean.  And that’s what made this so much fun I think.  We were doing something really cool, that was right in our backyard, and that we sometimes take for granted.

For this particular adventure, we decided to spread our wings and fly down to Orange County.  We forgot about the wonderful traffic that we would have to navigate on a Saturday late morning, so we were bale to enjoy plenty of quality conversation and singing to the radio before we got there.

The kids absolutely love the beach.  And they hit the water as soon as we planted ourselves.  Boogie boards in tow, they rode the breakers for about four hours before we convinced them they might have soaked up enough Vitamin D for one day.  We had a cooler full of fresh fruit, sandwiches and chips and salsa.  Admittedly, when the ocean breeze blows the sand around in the afternoon, it makes eating a little difficult, but we powered through.  And really enjoyed ourselves.

While the kids were in the water, my wife and I took turns watching them.  One would stand guard, while the other relaxed.  Eventually, we found a way to both relax while we were watching them.  Smart cookies, we are…

It was wonderful to just sit there and listen to the waves hitting the shore, the sounds of seagulls in the distance, and our kids laughing and playing.

The ocean gives you time to reflect.  Time to clear your head and listen to what’s on the inside.  It has a magical way of making a wasted day seem like a productive one.  I’m not sure how that works, by the way, but I’ll take it.

We checked into a hotel only a few miles from the coast, and had dinner on the top floor, with a panoramic view of the city.  It was pretty cool.

Then, feeling like we were on vacation somewhere, we all jumped into our beds, tired from the water, the sun and the food, and slept like rocks.  Or babies.  Choose the metaphor that seems more peaceful to you.

Today, we drove home and realized that we had turned a Saturday into a mini vacation, and had a chance to connect in a truly meaningful way.  There’s a certain wonderful feeling that accompanies doing spontaneous and fun things in this life.  I really dig that feeling.

The ocean may not be your thing.  Or you may be land-locked somewhere and really pissed off at me right now for pointing out that I’m always near the shore line…in any case, pick your own little slice of heaven that is within your reach and go enjoy it next time you have a day to do it.  Take your significant other, your family if you have one, or just your best friend.  And that best friend can even be your cat or dog.

Just get away and have some fun with those around you who mean the most to you.  See if you can pick up what I’m throwing down.

Life is fun.  If you make it that way.

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2 Responses to “Life’s a Beach”

  1. avatar Jodi says:

    Love it! And love the line…life is fun if you make it that way.

  2. avatar Danny says:

    What a wonderful day you guys had. Your writing made me feel I was having a holday as well! It’s amazing what just one day out without laptop, iphone or iPad can do for family bonding and creativity.

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