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Let’s Get Something Clear

“And so castles made of sand fall in the sea…eventually” – Jimi Hendrix

If you’re going to build anything substantial, you need a solid foundation.  If you’re going to achieve anything extraordinary, you need that foundation in the form of a clear vision.

Having clarity of purpose is the first step to succeeding at anything in life.  It is the bedrock of any remarkable thing you will achieve.  Whether it’s a project at the office or a life long dream…you have to be totally clear with your vision.  Clear as to where you are, and where you want to go.  The goal may be physical or it may be spiritual.  It can be for fun or out of necessity.  Whatever the case, it needs to be definitive.

If you don’t know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, it makes it extremely difficult to ever get there.  The lack of anything measurable is the perfect recipe for frustration and disappointment as you wander through your life, hoping to catch a break.

Specifically defining your goal needs to be the #1 priority on your list, as you set out to achieve anything significant.

You can establish great habits, a tireless work ethic, be determined and believe in yourself, but if you don’t lay the groundwork and have a solid, definable end game in mind, you’ll probably just become really, really good at almost getting there.  Wherever there happens to be…

So, take the time to define your goals.  Sit down, be still, get quiet, take a deep breath.  Do whatever you have to do to force yourself to get specific.

The time you invest in yourself at the onset of any of your projects, journeys, goals, dreams or desires, will pay off in the most significant and positive way imaginable on the back end.  Another way to think about it might be that having a clear and certain vision allows you to make mistakes or stumble along your way, but then get up and keep moving because your eye is on the prize.  It’s much easier to quit when the finish line is nowhere in sight or in mind.  And it’s much easier to press on when you have that picture of the final result to inspire and encourage you.  Clarity is king.

Don’t ever try to shortcut success.  And never start building your castles in the sand.

Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “Let’s Get Something Clear”

  1. avatar Melinda says:

    Reminds me Jesus’ parable of the wise man building his house on the sand and the wise man building his house on the rock.

    Measurability is so important … it’s critical for teachers and I tell parents to watch for it in their children’s individual education plans. Otherwise, how can you tell progress? Perhaps I should begin applying it to my own spiritual/personal development.

    Great post, thanks!

  2. Vision, Mission, Goals…
    the mantra of the successful!

    Great post, Mike!

  3. avatar Elise says:

    You have no idea how timely this is for me. I certainly needed the reminder. I have a purpose and a goal for something in a certain area in my life but after reading this I realized it is foggy at best. And honestly, that is just unacceptable.
    Time to sharpen my focus.
    Many thanks.

  4. avatar Bonnie says:

    Great post. One of my favourite things to say is ‘if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there’ In fact, I was teased a little by one of my coaching groups because I say it so often. This is a great way to explain why clarifying your goals and vision make you far more successful. 🙂

  5. avatar Karen Kay says:

    Amen, Brother! That’s exactly what I needed today. “Ain’t gonna spend the rest of my life, quietly fading away”….Alan Parsons Project

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