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Let Them Know

Make sure that the people you love the most in this world know how much you care about them.  Tell them.

None of us are promised a tomorrow, and all of us will no doubt wish for one more opportunity to tell that special someone how much we love them once they’ve moved on from this life.

You’ve probably heard it said that you should live each day as if it was your last.  That’s pretty sage advice.  Although, if you’re anything like me, that probably means you’d end up in jail at some point.  However, assuming you don’t get crazy and take things to that extreme,  the concept of soaking every moment of life out of the day you’re given is one that can’t help but improve the quality of your existence.

I love youA big part of squeezing every ounce of awesomeness out of the moments you’re blessed with each day includes taking the time to say I love you or I appreciate you to the people who are most important to you in this journey.

Maybe it’s been a while since you told your parents that you love them.  If that’s the case, pick up the phone, or drive over to their house and let them know.  I can guarantee you that you’ll never regret the decision to say I love you to the people who brought you into this world.  But if you don’t, one day you’ll certainly regret not saying it.

Have you expressed your love for the partner you share your life with?  Have they heard a meaningful expression of how you really feel about them any time in the recent past?  Don’t let the time slip away!

Do your kids know how proud you are of them?  Do they know that they are the brightest lights in your universe?  They should.

How about your brother or sister?  Do they know what a difference they’ve made in your life?  If you’re not certain, there’s one way to make sure…tell them.

You might work with someone who has taught you a valuable lesson, or been a big part of your success in some indirect way.  Let them know.

It’s a blessing for you to share the love and thankfulness you have in your heart with all of those who matter, and it will be a blessing for them to receive the wonderful news.  It’s all about letting the love flow through you and into the lives around you.  If someone means the world to you, it’s important that they know it.  Don’t miss the opportunities you have to share your feelings with them.

Start today.

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